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CPD Courses

  • An Evidence-Based Approach to Raising Boys’ Achievement

    Evidence-based, High Challenging Teaching

    Spring Term : Manchester 27 March
    Summer Term : Manchester 7 June | London East 16 June | London West 29 June

    Course trainer : Alan Jervis

  • Implementing the Donaldson Report in the Classroom

    What Does it All Mean in Terms of Day-to-Day Teaching in Real Classrooms?

    Spring Term : Cardiff 28 March
    Summer Term : Cardiff 30 June

    Course trainer : Steve Garnett

  • How to be a Highly Effective Subject Leader

    The 'must do' course for new and aspiring heads of department

    Spring Term : Manchester 29 March
    Summer Term : Manchester 13 June | Birmingham 15 June | London West 19 June
    Cardiff 29 June

    Course trainer : Alan Jervis , Steve Garnett

  • Spoon Feed No More - Improving Classroom Performance

    The unique guide to highly effective learning

    Spring Term : Manchester 30 March
    Summer Term : Manchester 12 June | London West 22 June

    Course trainer : Alan Jervis , Steve Garnett

  • Removing Low-Level Disruption to Improve Learning

    Offering real-world and practical solutions to an age-old problem

    Summer Term : Manchester 5 June | London East 15 June | Cardiff 21 June
    London West 27 June

    Course trainer : Alan Jervis

  • A Realist's Guide to Stretching and Challenging Your Most Able Students

    Extend, engage and enrich high achievers in any subject area

    Summer Term : Manchester 6 June | Cardiff 19 June | London West 30 June

    Course trainer : Alan Jervis

  • Terminator Teaching for Science

    A research-based learning approach to teaching science

    Summer Term : Manchester 9 June | London West 12 June

    Course trainer : Alan Jervis

  • Closing the Performance Gap: Engaging the Disengaged

    Getting children hooked back into learning

    Summer Term : Cardiff 14 June

    Course trainer : Nina Jackson

  • No Passengers Permitted: Bring an end to ‘passive learning’

    Bring an end to 'passive learning'

    Summer Term : London West 14 June

    Course trainer : Aaron Wilkes


    What every teacher needs to know about memory, practice and revision for ‘knowledge-exams’

    Summer Term : London West 16 June

    Course trainer : Dave Taylor

  • A Practical Guide to Effective Differentiated Learning

    Real differentiation for real classrooms

    Summer Term : Cardiff 20 June | London West 28 June

    Course trainer : Alan Jervis

  • The Big Four: Sustainably Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning

    Developing questioning skills, effective feedback, student independence and ensuring greater challenge

    Summer Term : London West 20 June

    Course trainer : Steve Garnett

  • The Practical Guide to Managing Difficult Parents in an Independent School

    Reduce stress levels through a toolkit of highly effective tips

    Summer Term : London West 22 June

    Course trainer : Thomas Packer

  • ICP in the Humanities Classroom

    Tried and tested classroom management strategies for History, Geography and RS teachers

    Summer Term : London West 23 June | Cardiff 26 June

    Course trainer : Steve Garnett

  • ​Cutting Edge Marking and Feedback Strategies

    Promote progress with highly effective marking and feedback

    Summer Term : London West 26 June

    Course trainer : Alan Jervis