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28th November

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30th November

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4th December

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14th December

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Removing Low-Level Disruption to Improve Learning


Is low level disruption frustrating your students’ progress?

Are you fed up that your teaching time being lost to dealing with student ‘off task’ behaviour?

Are you disillusioned with a ‘one size fits all’ approach to behaviour management?

Low-level disruption is the bane of the school teacher’s working life. This course will offer realistic solutions that have been proven to work for keeping students on task and minimising costly low-level disruption. We will engage with six methodologies to prevent hundreds of hours being wasted by students' off-task behaviour. This isn’t a behaviour management course that sells just a single way of dealing with all cases of low-level disruption. Quite the opposite, it will provide a variety of solutions to low-level disruption that will be demonstrated and teachers can reflect upon which technique works for them.


  • Explore the six major strategies used to reduce low-level disruption
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each system
  • Learn how to tailor each strategy to the way you teach
  • Provide a wealth of behaviour management tips that you could use tomorrow

Course Outline

  • 09:00am - 
  • 03:00pm
The Teacher-Student Relationship
  • What do you do with the first 10 minutes of the lesson?
  • Boundaries and routines that work
  • Voice and body language. Why you need to look and sound the part
  • The ‘effective ladder’
Solutions to Difficult Situations
  • Classroom management during oral work
  • The ‘Canton system’ - explained, analysed and demonstrated
  • Dealing with confrontation – the realist guide
  • The ‘Reinbeck system’ - explained, analysed and demonstrated
More Advanced Techniques
  • Assertive discipline properly explained
  • Dealing with hot-spots most effectively
  • Tough love and academic Rigour… yes, we do need to retain both.
  • Lesson plans that inspire and contain no box ticking


Alan Jervis

Alan Jervis is one of Dragonfly’s senior trainers having delivered over 1,600 courses to roughly 11,000 teachers. With over 30 years of teaching experience - including seven as an assistant headteacher responsible for teaching, learning and assessment - Alan has extensive experience of employing new teaching and learning strategies. During his time as assistant head, Alan was also tasked with targeting student under-achievement which he did so successfully by overseeing an impressive 36% upturn in GCSE and A level exam results.

Since, Alan has become not only an expert teacher trainer, but also a qualified NLP consultant and an author. Alan’s publications include co-writing the critically-acclaimed ‘Improving Classroom Performance: Spoon Feed No More’ among others. With this incredibly vast experience and expertise, it is no surprise Alan’s Dragonfly courses receive 97% 5 star feedback from all past delegates. Alan has delivered courses for Dragonfly Training in UK, Europe and Asia and is an annual CPD workshop provider at The GESS Show and BSME conference in the Middle East.


Gill Kelly

Bethany Kelly

Bethany is passionate that teachers should make their own learning a priority alongside that of their students. Her approach brings together her philosophical background, experience of a wide variety of independent schools, a creative method and an interest in popular culture. Bethany has worked in education for over 20 years in all, spending all but the first three years in leadership roles.

 Her first degree in Theology was from the University of Durham, she has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management, and is currently undertaking an educational doctorate on leadership, personality and gender. Teaching posts have taken her to different parts of the country, to boarding and day schools, and mixed and single-sex schools.

After 10 successful years of middle management, Bethany moved into senior leadership with two deputy headships covering both pastoral and academic responsibilities. Particular areas of interest in recent years have included mentoring PGCE trainee teachers and NQTs, staff development, establishing leadership groups and researching her own work on women, leadership and personality.


  • “A very good course that was very informative. Some good pointers to help and reaffirmed methods used in other areas.”

    Rob Price - Class Teacher , Landsker Education - June 2017

  • “Very useful to have an overview of so many strategies and techniques. I will be able to implement these.”

    Tom Baffield - Primary Teacher , St David's School - June 2017

  • “An excellent balance of behaviour management strategies and simple ideas for student engagement. Alan clearly understands the strength of the relationship between behaviour and engagement and as an NQT I appreciate the breadth of suggestions.”

    Chris Ellis - Geography Teacher , Cardinal Newman School - June 2017

  • “Professional and engaging trainer, lots of ideas to plan into future lessons”

    Ashley Arthur - Science Teacher , St Mary's School Hampstead - March 2017

  • “Very useful and innovative ideas that I will try to adapt to my teaching. There were a range of ideas that you can apply to the most difficult of circumstances.”

    Rime Mahdi - Media Studies Teacher , Whitmore High School - March 2017

  • “Excellent course !! I really felt that I learned a lot today and have picked up so many ideas for controlling a class subtly. Trainer was amazing and very relatable. Came away energised to teach and try out the new methods.”

    Lauren Hewes , King Edward's School - March 2017

  • “It was very comprehensive, engaging and well-presented. I've left with so much practical advice and tips to take back to my classroom.”

    Emily Evans, St Paul’s School - December 2016

  • “I really enjoyed the course and the amount we got involved in it. Very informative and a friendly trainer.”

    Becky Chester, Cardinal Newman School - November 2016

  • “Excellent learning opportunity and interesting all the way through. Very relevant.”

    Rachel Fowler, Saint Aidan's Church of England Technology College - November 2016

  • “Excellent advice, clear & friendly instructor with great resource pack. Interactive day, left with plenty of ideas and tips to try straight away.”

    Lauren Twamley, Lliswerry High School - November 2016

  • “A great day, really friendly and knowledgeable. I will take a lot from this.”

    Charlotte Evans, Lewis School Pengam - June 2016

  • “Enjoyable course and I have many insteresting and useful ideas to take back with me to use in the classroom.”

    Glesni Edwards, Ysgol Dinas Bran - June 2016

  • “A great day, learnt lots and got some great new ideas to use in the classroom”

    Bethan Lloyd, Bryntirion Comprehensive School - June 2016

  • “Good course-Well presented and a good reminder of techniques with new advice as well.”

    Nick Stein, Bickley Park School - March 2016

  • “Really good reminder of using basic rules to reinforce expectations and to be more positive in language even when I'm not feeling so great about it.”

    Kathy Brown, The Knights Templar School - March 2016

  • “Thank you ever so much for such good ideas that are easily adaptable for my classroom practice! Enjoyable too!”

    Gwenan Thomas, Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun - March 2015

  • “Excellent course, thoroughly beneficial and enjoyable! The trainer, Alan Jervis, was great.”

    Alysha Dickeson, Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun - March 2015

  • “Content of the course was very useful! Resources were very useful. The trainer was very good and interesting.”

    Rhiannon James, Ysgol Gyfun Rhydywaun - March 2015

  • “The session was both informative and helpful. I will be implementing many of the strategies given. Thank you!”

    Melanie Maybank, King Henry VIII School - March 2015

  • “Thoroughly enjoyed. Gained lots of useful tips and ideas.”

    Annie Wye, The Downs School - March 2015

  • “An excellent course full of very good, practical ideas and very well delivered. I will definitely be using these strategies.”

    Bethan Williams, Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi - March 2015

  • “An excellent course, full of practical ideas I can't wait to implement!”

    Amy James, Maesteg School - March 2015

  • “Very informative and clear. Hands on advice - lots of practical advice on all sorts of different pupils.”

    Beth Pretty, Y Pant Comprehensive School - March 2015

  • “Simply first class. I loved the pragmatic nature of the advice.”

    Mark Nangreave, Woodlands Academy - March 2015

  • “Excellent course delivered with humour - great that it was a smaller group which allowed for more targeted discussion.”

    Henry Mills, St Patrick's Catholic Primary School - March 2015

  • “Outstanding course. Very good refresher and demonstration of practical tips. A must for all teachers.”

    Christine Houghton, The King John School - March 2015

  • “Learned many great things that I definitely will apply to my lessons. Great fixes for individuals and classes.”

    Hannah Welle, IES Breckland - March 2015

  • “Excellent practical tips and help with useful case studies to illustrate solutions and additional skills.”

    Ewan Ward-Thomas, Radnor House - December 2014

  • “Very useful and I am glad to have come.”

    Emily Richardson, Charterhouse School - December 2014

  • “Useful range of strategies looked at which are relevant to teaching.”

    Simon Johnson, Esher College - December 2014

  • “The course was very informative and covered many of the possible problems that arise in classrooms.”

    Dorothy Blakemore, Ysgol Aberconwy - December 2014

  • “Excellent - so many brilliant ideas to improve progress and behaviour. I feel so much more positive about my second year.”

    Provisional - Hayley Bellis, St Wilfrids Catholic High School - July 2014

  • “Excellent course, good ideas which can be used in classes. Alan is an excellent trainer who presents well and is enthusiastic!”

    Lewis Mark Adams, Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School - March 2014

  • “Very useful info colourfully presented with interesting discussions in the interim breaks.”

    Marko Grba, Old Palace of John Whitgift School - February 2014

  • “Really great engaging day with a good mixture of useful strategies and theory. An excellent compliment to NQT year.”

    Jasper Cooper, Brighton College Prep School - February 2014