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Summer Term 2017


14th June

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London West

21st June

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27th June

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Behaviour Management Masterclass


This innovative course contains straight-talking, myth-busting, back-to-basics, step-by-step common sense from start to finish. It is a no-holds-barred look at why lessons go wrong and what we can do about it today. Expect an honest appraisal of the strategies that hold us back and an easy-to-apply antidote to the touchy-feely stuff that we all know just doesn’t work! Practical with a capital P and brimming with pragmatism - the definitive disciplined approach is for every teacher who loves their subject and wants to teach free from disruption.

The trainer will question conventional ‘wisdom’, challenge conventional good practice and focus on the everyday nitty-gritty of what really works. Be prepared to have your preconceptions shaken and rejoice at the down-to-earth commonsense approach that will put you, the professional, firmly in the driving seat!

This course includes:
• Superb course materials
• Refreshments and a two course lunch

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All our Cardiff based courses are subsidised by the NUT CYMRU. If you are a member of the NUT and would like to take advantage of this offer (with course fees reduced to as little as £70) then please click on this link. NUT Members

For further details please contact us by email, phone 02920 711787 or live chat.


  • Rebuild teacher confidence and show you how to start afresh with difficult classes
  • Give you the everyday routines that allow you to glide through lessons free from stress
  • Analyse where and why lessons go wrong and pre-empt problems before they start
  • Deal with the ‘problem’ class and the ‘problem’ individuals effectively and consistently
  • Ensure sanctions are manageable and have the desired impact every time
  • Get to grips with what the Inspectorate really say about teaching and behaviour

Course Outline

  • 09:00am - 
  • 03:00pm
Session 1: Why Routines Matter
  • The things you’ve been told to do that DON’T work
  • The things you’ve been told NOT to do that actually DO work
  • The mistakes to avoid and the advice to ignore
  • The habits to develop in light of the disciplined approach
Session 2: C.A.S.H in the Classroom
  • Being clear about your expectations every lesson
  • Being assertive around school every day
  • Being systematic in everything you teach without fail
  • Being human but never a pushover! Relationships count
Session 3: But I’ve Been Told...
  • Dubious teaching methods to avoid
  • What inspectors actually say about effective teaching
  • Why good discipline and behaviour is the foundation for good learning
  • Your next steps in mastering behaviour management – putting the disciplined approach into practice


Steve Garnett

Steve Garnett has been a teacher for 24 years. He has delivered INSETs to over 7,000 teachers over the past 10 years in the UK, Ireland and across Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Teachers who have attended Steve's courses have regularly described them as 'inspirational'. Steve is an award-nominated author whose book 'The Subject Leader' was shortlisted for Best Secondary Resource in the prestigious BESA awards. He has also written 'Using Brain Power in the Classroom' which a TES Review described as 'strong in its resume of the latest research into what constitutes effective learning'. Steve is also co-author of 'Spoon Feed No More - Improving Classroom Performance' - which is a definitive guide to the philosophy and practice of Dragonfly Training.


Alessio Bernardelli

Alessio Bernardelli was a head of KS3 science for five years in Wales and has taught physics and science for over nine years. During his career Alessio has delivered a range of projects and CPD programmes for schools across Torfaen and Caerphilly, and has successfully led PLCs on developing thinking and technology-rich learning. 

 He is a multi award-winning teacher known for his creative and innovative use of technology in education. One of his greatest achievements was winning an award at the prestigious Microsoft Partners In Learning Worldwide Education Forum in 2007. He was also a finalist at the Rolls-Royce Science Prize in 2008. Alessio won the NEN award “Be a reporter for a day” with his year 12 physics class at BETT 2010, the Guardian Classroom Innovation Award at BETT 2011, and the SE Classroom Award for Innovative Teaching through ICT in 2011. 

A trained Partners In Learning peer coaching facilitator, Alessio is also a TASC framework specialist and an official iMindMap leader. He has also worked with a range of agencies to develop innovative teaching and learning resources such as Microsoft, Nelson Thornes, The Open University, Oxford University Press, Twig, Brain Pop UK, DCELLS and National Grid for Learning (NGfL) Cymru. He was seconded in 2010-11 to work with WJEC as a field development officer for NGfL Cymru and between 2012 and 2013 he was the science subject lead at TES. 

Alessio currently works for CfBT as an NSP partner and is a consultant for the Institute of Physics in the roles of network co-ordinator in Gloucestershire and editor.


Bethany Kelly

Bethany is passionate that teachers should make their own learning a priority alongside that of their students. Her approach brings together her philosophical background, experience of a wide variety of independent schools, a creative method and an interest in popular culture. Bethany has worked in education for over 20 years in all, spending all but the first three years in leadership roles.

 Her first degree in Theology was from the University of Durham, she has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management, and is currently undertaking an educational doctorate on leadership, personality and gender. Teaching posts have taken her to different parts of the country, to boarding and day schools, and mixed and single-sex schools.

After 10 successful years of middle management, Bethany moved into senior leadership with two deputy headships covering both pastoral and academic responsibilities. Particular areas of interest in recent years have included mentoring PGCE trainee teachers and NQTs, staff development, establishing leadership groups and researching her own work on women, leadership and personality.


Alan Jervis

Alan Jervis is one of Dragonfly’s senior trainers having delivered over 1,600 courses to roughly 11,000 teachers. With over 30 years of teaching experience - including seven as an assistant headteacher responsible for teaching, learning and assessment - Alan has extensive experience of employing new teaching and learning strategies. During his time as assistant head, Alan was also tasked with targeting student under-achievement which he did so successfully by overseeing an impressive 36% upturn in GCSE and A level exam results.

Since, Alan has become not only an expert teacher trainer, but also a qualified NLP consultant and an author. Alan’s publications include co-writing the critically-acclaimed ‘Improving Classroom Performance: Spoon Feed No More’ among others. With this incredibly vast experience and expertise, it is no surprise Alan’s Dragonfly courses receive 97% 5 star feedback from all past delegates. Alan has delivered courses for Dragonfly Training in UK, Europe and Asia and is an annual CPD workshop provider at The GESS Show and BSME conference in the Middle East.