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7th June

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13th June

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The Ultimate Understanding of Mental and Emotional Health in Schools


There are issues which are so taboo within our schools that people are afraid to discuss or confront them, and more often than not, are scared of them. The problems occur due to the lack of teacher training in the area of mental and emotional health issues, so when a problem arises, many are left in the dark with little support of who to talk to or what to do. 

The Ultimate Understanding of Mental and Emotional Health in Schools is a course that has been designed to prepare you to meet the challenges and needs of those who are desperate for your help. You will begin to recognise the warning signs of depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide that may have previously not been noticed. We will give you practical strategies that you can use and share in your schools and we will make sure you are ready to support not just the children you teach, but your colleagues and yourself.

This course will provide you with a wealth of resources and an opportunity to discuss, share and develop your skills to ensure everyone is safe, healthy and emotionally well in your schools. Care for yourself, care for your colleagues and care for the children you teach by knowing how to support the ever increasing issues of mental and emotional health in our schools.


This course includes:
• Superb course materials
• Refreshments and a two course lunch

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  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of mental and emotional health issues
  • Help teachers to spot the signs of any emotional changes in pupils, staff, friends or colleagues.
  • Give you clear advice and support in what to do, how to do it ,and when to put strategies in place to support those in need.
  • Support your school in moving towards being open and honest about mental and emotional health
  • Help, support, guidance, and provide you with appropriate materials to use in your schools the very next day.
  • Make you a powerful individual that can help others in time of need - with empathy, sympathy and a strong sense of personal wellbeing.

Course Outline

  • 09:00am - 
  • 03:00pm
What are mental and emotional health issues?
  • What are we currently faced with in our schools - the mental and emotional health issues.
  • Do you know yourself?
  • Understanding the impact of stress and anxiety in schools - what to do?
  • Depression, anxiety, stress and self-harm - how to help, what to do?
Mental and emotional health - the impact on learning
  • There isn't a plaster for that!
  • Help at hand - time to talk
  • Stand together - developing a unique and open dialogue in schools
  • Making everyone safe, healthy and happy with the Worry Eaters
Taboo no more - Time to Talk
  • Next steps - back to school, share and stand together
  • Time to Talk to staff, pupils and parents
  • Listeners & Whisperers - making it work in your school
  • All the lovely people crying - won't you stand up?


Nina Jackson

Nina Jackson is someone who sees the bigger picture and, throughout a long and varied career, has been driven to bring the best out of all children regardless of the issues, challenges and special needs they bring to her classroom. Nina brings to her lessons not only high levels of creativity, innovation and professional rigour but also contagious passion which proves to be a winning formula wherever she works. Apart from her work in teaching, learning, thinking skills and technology for learning, her background in special needs and music has led her to devise specialist therapy programmes for schools. Nina also successfully supports mainstream teachers working with children with anger management issues, disaffection, poor motivation, behaviour and confidence.

Up until very recently, Nina was a director of learning in addition to directing a ‘more able and talented’ programme at a successful comprehensive in South Wales. Since these roles, Nina has developed an impressive career in teacher training in the UK and abroad. She has collaborated with Swansea Metropolitan University where she is a lecturer on the MA (Ed) programme, a senior professional tutor (ITET) and has supported the SARA (Schools Action Research Approach) project for the Education Support and Inspection Service in Wales. In 2004, Nina was the winner of the IPDA International Prize for Education and was described in the Times Educational Supplement as an “inspirational, evangelical preacher of education”. She is currently working on her second book - ‘Access All Areas’ - which focuses on helping schools ensure that all children have access to the full extent of what the curriculum has to offer. Nina is also a certified Apple Teacher.