Dragonfly International was established in 2008, as demand for our in-school and venue-based training spread abroad. It became clear that our practical and interactive training was just what international schools were looking for to engage, up-skill and inspire their staff.

Now operating in more than 50 countries, we offer a full range of services from monthly venue-based courses in South East Asia, conference workshops for COBIS, the BSME, ISHRAQ, NABSS and IAPS and regular visits to international schools or groups of schools throughout Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, South America and China.

Whether you are looking for one day of training at your school, a package of courses for your staff, on-going consultancy support, workshops at your conference, the opportunity to host some of our courses or a bespoke PD programme for all the schools in your group or region, then we would be happy to help.

  • Over 250,000 teachers trained
  • at more than 3,000 schools
  • in over 50 countries

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1 Step one

Contact Mary on or call +44 29 20 711787, for a course and trainer that best suits your staff, your budget and calendar.

1 Step two

Mary will arrange for you to talk to the trainer straight away, to ensure you have a tailored course that's relevant to all your staff.

1 Step three

Once you confirm the training, we can make all the arrangements including booking flights and accommodation if required

1 Step four

The trainer will send you a pdf of their course booklet, so your staff can use the resources straight after the training


Mary Chapman

Managing Director




Excellent delivery with plenty of opportunities to interact and use methodologies that you will take to the classroom. Very useful! Thank you.


Great informative course which flowed and gave us real life experiences. Lots of different techniques and strategies. Useful website links.


Alessio’s experience really shone through and he delivered a high-quality and interactive course that was beneficial for teachers at any level and of any subject. Thank so much!


The tasks were great for collaborating with employees.


Very interactive and enjoyable. Learnt a lot of new content & how to apply in to my own teaching.


A very engaging and beneficial workshop. Tasks were interactive and purposeful. All the tools used can be utilised on a daily basis in our classrooms easily and effectively.


Well delivered and engaging. Lots of practical ideas that could be used in areas across the curriculum. I especially enjoyed mentimeter and Socratic Trail will also be very useful.


Very clear. Many useful strategies. Interactive. Relevant and inspiring.


Very enjoyable, a lot of practical ideas were shared with us and I look forward to trying them out in my classroom. Thank you.



"Genuinely one of the best and most informative courses I've been on. The trainer really knows what he's talking about."

Simon Perry, Maths leader - Amnuay Silpa School, Bangkok

The training reminded me why I love being a teacher. Every single thing presented to us today has been something I know I will use in the future in my classroom. This is the best CPD I have ever done and I look forward to working with Dragonfly again

Laura Cahill, French & Geography teacher - Le Cheile Secondary School, Ireland

The trainer was outstanding, an absolute professional and a real credit to Dragonfly. Our staff gained so much from the day and speaking with them in this morning’s briefing they were full of praise.

Kevin Mace, Headteacher - Silverline Private School, Cyprus

Excellent, inspirational!!

Inma Morris - King’s College, Alicante

Alan was a fantastic presenter who is exceptionally engaging and keeps all of his feedback relevant and practical. He is a very wise and expert educator and has tremendous warmth and sense of humour.

J D Woolley, Principal - MEF International School Istanbul, Turkey

Much more useful than my PGCE! No time wasted with theory.

Michael Graham - British School of Moscow

Super delivery, entertaining and informative. Great ideas that seem easy to implement

M Lamb, Chemistry teacher - British School of Amsterdam

Excellent preseneter, well structured, well paced. Would recommend this course to every classroom teacher.

Petra Zerovnik, Learning Support Teacher - Vienna International School, Austria