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What inspires your professional development?

By Dragonfly Training, @Dragonfly_Edu

Professional development is a key area within teaching and it’s something that’s always on the mind. As a teacher, you’re always striving to maximise your teaching potential to get the most out of your pupils and achieve the best standards for your school.

So, how do you get inspired to want to learn and develop, and how do you fit it into your busy schedule? No doubt it is tough, and exhausting, but it’s important that you keep on your toes and maintain that fresh approach to teaching development. Below we’ve looked at a few resources to help you get the most out of our CPD:

Teachmeets – a cost effective method of CPD!

 Teachmeets are great for teachers; they give a real opportunity for all teachers to get together and discuss ideas, lesson plans and classroom stories! Although they are often only a few hours long they do give a real opportunity to dust up on anything you’re unsure about within your profession.

They’re also really simple to set up and organise so if you’ve got an idea for a TeachMeet then why not speak to some colleagues and get the ball rolling?

Keep an eye on twitter for updates (#teachmeets) and don’t forget to visit TeachMeet and Teacher Toolkit on a regular basis to see if there are any events running near you!

We often look to sponsor TeachMeets by offering free places on courses through competitions and supporting teachers with the same goals as well so if you’re interested, drop us an email and let us know!

Twitter – The social hub of teacher CPD

It’s fair to say that most teachers now get a lot of their information, whether it be teacher related or not, on twitter. It’s a quick and easy way to keep up to date with any educational related news and after a long day of teaching, Twitter is definitely the place to head to for your bite size CPD info!

Some must follow twitter accounts:

@TeacherToolkit – Influential, reliable and frequent teaching updates

@LearningSpy  - Honest and frequent updates on educational issues

@ukedchat – Don’t miss out on the #ukedchat every Thursday between 8-9pm for educators.

@InnovateMySchl - Innovation and inspiration for teachers

@Ofstednews - Always good to keep up-to-date with the lovely Ofsted team

 Staffroom Collaboration

Don’t forget that you have access to the best type of CPD on your doorstep - your staffroom. Don’t ever stop sharing ideas and practises with your colleagues. Your colleagues and you will be the best people to speak to as you all know the school inside out – what will work, what won’t work. Should I try something new with my year 8 class, or shall I change the marking and feedback for one class and not the other? Also, the teachers at your school will share a wealth of knowledge on a variety of areas and topics so you’ll never be short of new ideas and information.  Maybe look into setting up weekly, casual meetings to discuss CPD, or start up a group on line where you can all share ideas and resources.

We don’t need to tell you that the educational industry is always in flux, and sometimes we wonder how any of you keep up to date with constant changes! One thing we do know though is that teachers are ready to learn and ready to expand upon their fountain of knowledge. CPD courses are a great way to re think your teaching style and develop as a teacher. Sure, there’ll be things you already know or even disagree with, but there will also be those ‘I’ve never thought about that’ methods that you can take away and implement immediately.

To view our latest CPD courses that focus not only on generic teaching and learning but also subject specific, courses from some of the most experienced trainers in the UK, please visit Dragonfly Training today!