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Dragonfly are delighted to partner with ECIS in delivering this exciting new accredited programme designed for international teachers without formal qualified teacher status (QTS), as well as Teaching Assistants, so they can build on their existing skills in order to develop greater confidence and expertise in all aspects of their teaching role.

Are you new to teaching, changing roles or ready to upgrade your teaching skills so you can ensure the students in your class thrive and succeed?

Do you want to embrace the latest advice and best practice into your teaching in simple, but effective manageable steps? Do you want to take away an extensive range of strategies, activities and resources to implement in your classroom and curriculum?

Unique to Dragonfly Training and ECIS, this intensive and enjoyable six-day programme gives delegates first hand experience of essential classroom skills. The six days develop from basics and fundamentals to more advanced and sophisticated approaches and will equip teachers with a comprehensive toolkit of skills, knowledge, resources and inspiration to take advantage of the opportunities available within ECIS-affiliated schools. This will include managing workload, collaborating with teams, effective planning, assessment and feedback - all with a view to maximising the potential of every individual.

21 May 2021 - by Wilson Jhon