Dragonfly and ECIS

Dragonfly are delighted to be partnering with ECIS to provide a series of cutting-edge courses and programmes to meet the needs of international schools of all sizes and contexts, across the globe. Our courses are relevant to teachers of all levels and all curriculums and will be delivered in Dragonfly's trademark interactive and practical style. So teachers will try out the new strategies and resources and leave truly inspired and with a clear understanding of how and why these techniques/materials work, as well as the confidence to put them into practice the very next day in their classrooms.

Firstly, choose from one of our one-day courses that bring together the very best of global practice. We deliver these courses in venues across the world and they can also be brought to your school too.

One day courses for all teachers

EAL in the Mainstream Classroom


Early Years

About FUTURES...

This unique programme will equip graduates and existing teachers with a comprehensive toolkit of skills, knowledge and inspiration to enable them to take advantage of the opportunities available within an extensive network of international schools. It will also develop their skills in managing the workload, collaborating with teams, effective planning, assessment and feedback, so that individuals can maximise their potential.

The programme is available in a two day, four day and six day format as shown below: