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About this course

Many of those who work in schools, support and secretarial as well as teaching, will have encountered a difficult situation with a parent at least once.  Some parents can be very intimidating or even aggressive.  Staff find themselves increasingly threatened by seemingly unreasonable parents.   Such encounters can escalate to a situation where awkward conversations are avoided, or a there is a complete breakdown in communication.  This has never been more prevalent than in Independent Schools, where parents are driven partly by the current concept of ‘consumer care’ embedded in educational culture together with the quite natural desire to see their children thrive, repaying the enormous financial sacrifice that they are making. This course looks at the issues that can lead to parents becoming frustrated or angry.  Some of these might need the school to take a look at why these situations might arise.  Equally, some parents remain ‘difficult’ despite the school’s best efforts.  We shall examine these situations in detail looking at the factors that increase anger and how to defuse it.

During the course anecdotes will be shared with others, including the trainer’s wealth of experience.  The emphasis throughout is on useful, practical tips that you can take back to the workplace.  Managing difficult parents can only be beneficial for all; increasing school effectiveness and reducing stress levels.  When faced with such challenges it becomes even more important that we recognise work place stress and know how to deal with it.  The course will culminate in some positive strategies to help PAs respond with confidence to the ever changing educational landscape.

Course Outcomes:
  • Give you an insight into parents’ perspectives: what frustrates parents and makes them “difficult”
  • Develop your communication skills when dealing with a potentially ugly situations
  • Enable you to handle unexpected encounters
  • Reflect on your own stress and well-being in post
  • Give you practical tips when faced with change in education
Course Outline:
Session 1: Welcome & Parents’ Perspectives

Introduction and housekeeping

Why do parents become frustrated?

Understanding parents’ perspectives

Communication and developing language and listening skills

Session 2: Avoiding conflict

Why body language matters

What to do when you get ambushed

The unwanted phone call

Dealing with complaints

Session 3: Happiness at Work

Stress management and positive outcomes

Developing time management

Identifying skills as education changes

Coping with Change

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