Essential C21st Teaching Skills


Real, practical teaching techniques, not buzzwords and theory
About this course

  • Do you want to engage with some of the latest ideas for the classroom that have been proven to be highly effective?
  • Would you like to try out some practical ideas that do not need hours of teacher preparation time, but harness the impact of these new ideas?
  • Do you want to take back to your school a toolkit of best practice strategies that can be adapted to any subject and any age range?


You are sure to have an inspiring course, packed full of lesson-ready strategies for your classroom tomorrow. Recent educational research has proven these techniques to be effective. Now might be the time for you to review your current practice and see how you can adapt these new ideas into your day-to-day teaching. The focus of the course is on best practice, practical solutions rather than theory - although you will be pointed to the theory if you want to go deeper.

Course Outcomes:
  • Gain knowledge of how to be able to introduce these concepts - based on recent educational research - into your teaching
  • Offer a wide range of best practice strategies to take back to school
  • Provide an opportunity to engage with these new ideas to assess their suitability and effectiveness
  • Discover how to modify these ideas to fit your own subject or area of learning
Course Outline:
Session One: Mastery Learning and Dual Coding

Using Mastery Learning to ensure it has a high impact

Powerful practical approaches to Mastery Learning

Dual Coding strategies to use tomorrow

Tips on ensuring Dual Coding delivers outstanding value added

Session Two: Retrieval Practices and Interleaving

Harnessing the power of Retrieval Practices

Lesson-ready ideas for Retrieval Practices

Positioning Interleaving in the learning cycle

Best practice methods for Interleaving

Session Three: Spaced Learning and Integration

Techniques to engage with spaced learning

Integrating these ideas into day to day teaching

Removing some of the current barriers to learning

Your next step…how to maximise the benefits

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Mary Chapman

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“Absolutely fantastic course, thank you! So many practical ideas that can be implemented straight away. It really built on my foundation of reading.”

Head of Teaching & Learning , Framlingham College

Good mix of theory and activities to keep me up the pace and involvement. A wide range of activities were covered and that gave us the opportunity to try them out. I have delivered a 15 min CPD intro to this and it is really useful for the staff to gain more exposure to dual coding and interleaving. Very useful personally and for my development.

Head of Biology , Old Swinford Hospital School

Great pace to the session. Excellent teaching ideas and lots of practical examples for me to take back to my college and influence my teaching. I feel inspired!

Head of Department , Bolton Sixth Form College

Looking forward to getting back in the classroom and using the ideas!

Head of Department , Parklands High School

Great course with activities I can put into use straight away, most of which don't require much, if any preparation! Strategies shared to help me put pupils in charge of their own learning and developing their independence.

Teacher , Bickley Park School

Excellent session. Very practical, hands-on advice and techniques that can be used in the classroom. Thank you very much!

Teacher , William Brookes School