Essential C21st Teaching Skills


Exponential Learning for an Exponential Generation
About this course

“The jobs of the future are the ones that machines can’t do.”

“If it’s based on rules or it can be precisely measured, it will be automated.”

Graham Brown-Martin, 2017

  • Can you effectively integrate technology into the hands-on classroom?
  • Technology, motivation, achievement - how to achieve creative confidence
  • Can integrating physical art and digital creations expand pupil creativity?

This innovative course will provide an essential understanding of the digital skills needed for pupils and staff to thrive and survive in an ever increasing digital world. Prepare for the lines between physical and digital creations to be blurred as we explore the new realms of possibilities within the Expressive Arts Area of Learning Experience. Expect an emphasis on equipping pupils for a creative understanding of how technology can develop vital learning, starting with back to basic steps for engaging and motivating classroom strategies that can be immediately used and facilitated.

Course Outcomes:
  • Build 21st century ‘creative confidence’ for pupils and staff
  • Explore the links between traditional media and the new possibilities with a digital addition and integration
  • Develop skills in embedding technology to enhance pupil progression
  • Create online portfolios that will not only impress but actually enhance and improve pupils’ work
Course Outline:
Session 1: Building ‘Creative Confidence’

Creative processes and transferable skills

Becoming physically, socially and emotionally engaged

Developing appreciation of creative works

Play as creativity

Session 2: ‘Tra-digital’

Examining traditional and digital applications

Creating multi-sensory learning experiences that can seriously raise attainment

‘Messy’ making and tactile exploration for effective lesson design and pedagogical practices

Moving backwards to move forwards; celebrating failure to develop creative resilience

Session 3: Expressive arts portfolio

Using a portfolio as a means of creativity and innovation

Generating and shaping creative work with intention

Creating digital portfolios that really do ‘what it says on the tin’

Creating effective and realistic online galleries

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