Essential C21st Teaching Skills


Enhancing student learning through communication and collaboration
About this course

The role of the TA has never been more important. With schools teaching increasingly diverse cohorts from an even wider range of contexts, ensuring that each student matters and is appropriately catered for is an essential focus for all educational institutions. This course focuses on developing your ability to deliver support and assistance that genuinely makes a difference to the learning and social outcomes for your students.

The recent ETDA Project concluded that the three most important areas to best target TAs development are in deployment, practice and preparedness. By focusing on the most successful research and results-driven initiatives, the course will enrich your practical skills and professional knowledge as well as allowing you to explore your own personal aspirations for your role in your context.

Course Outcomes:
  • Enhance your knowledge of the responsibilities and standards required as a TA
  • Develop your skills of communication and collaboration with staff and students
  • Create future awareness of the resources and research available to improve your success as a TA
  • Reduce the likelihood for ‘stereo-teaching’ to occur
  • Improve TA preparedness in order to maximise effective support
Course Outline:
Being a TA: A multi-faceted role

Reflecting on your role and your context

When TAs matter most

Driven by standards

What the research says and what it means to you

Troubleshooting: Dealing with difficult situations

Working well with challenging colleagues

Approaching unresponsive students

Knowing your students and their curriculum

Planning for Success

Breakout: Discussion and exceeding expectations

Group Think: Combining Critical Solutions

Drawing connections between different types of support

Resourcing your development

Action planning for the future

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