Inspirational Teaching Strategies


Increasing pupil's autonomy to create self-motivated learners who can catch up in their learning
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4.00 - 7.00pm (ICT)


All our workshops are constantly updated to reflect the current - and ever-changing - circumstances in all schools relating to Covid-19.


"Research conducted by the EEF and others around the world strongly suggests that compensating for the negative effect of school closures on the gap will require a sustained effort." Covid 19 Support Guide for Schools 2020

Across the country there has been a wide spread difference in the educational experiences of pupils during school closure.  It will be a long, well planned journey before all pupils return to their starting points.  One of the impacts of time out of the classroom, has been on pupil's abilities to work independently and engage with deeper learning opportunities.  This course will include time to explore metacognition, identified by the EEF as making up to 7 months difference in learning for a very low cost.   If you are looking for sustained improvements in the quality of learning in your classroom and, subsequently, student progress over time look no further. This course is aimed at teachers who want to promote a class full of independent thinkers.  A student body that can not only think for themselves but also work together! The day will be packed with a raft of practical ideas to promote autonomous thought and collaboration.  


All our 3-hour online workshops include: 

  • practical classroom-ready ideas and resources
  • small group size to facilitate interaction and full engagement
  • group/pair work and discussion with the tutor
  • pdf of the course booklet 

Course Outcomes:
  • Discover ways to promote independence: what can a child achieve on their own and where your guidance can
  • Build on your understanding of metacognition
  • Discover new ways to develop the imagination of young learners and promote independence
  • Leave the session with a range of creative ideas and exciting projects
Course Outline:
Metacognition - a guided tour
Quality first teaching – the best place to make a difference
Flexible teaching – what does it look like and what can it mean
How to use your assessment to inform planning and provision
Ensuring universal student engagement
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