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Stretching your brightest students to fulfil their true potential
About this course

All our workshops are constantly updated to reflect the current - and ever-changing - circumstances in all schools relating to Covid-19.


Do you want to challenge your students effectively throughout KS3 and KS4, and prepare them to achieve the highest possible grades/marks?

Do you want to prevent your brightest students becoming bored or frustrated? (Something that should never happen in English)

Has your department been asked to focus on stretching the potentially high achievers?

This course demonstrates how specific approaches and strategies can be used in the classroom with minimum preparation but with maximum effect on our students’ learning.  Transform your students’ experience in your classroom today and watch as they reap the benefits and improve exam results!


All our 3-hour online workshops include: 
  • practical classroom-ready ideas and resources
  • small group size to facilitate interaction and full engagement
  • group/pair work and discussion with the tutor
  • pdf of the course booklet 


Course Outcomes:
  • Improve your ability to identify your more able pupils correctly
  • Acquire specific skills and strategies to develop these pupils;
  • Obtain a pack of highly effective lesson ideas to use the next day.
  • Be inspired to return to the concepts of teaching with flair and creativity and turning that photocopier off
Course Outline:
Sharpening the Focus

Identifying these pupils correctly

Understanding their needs and what really works with them

Challenging lessons that lead to deeper understanding

Maximum engagement – all of the time

Exam Preparation

Understanding what Examiners want

Poetry – a closer analysis of the writer’s skill

Fiction texts – a different approach to deepen understanding

Putting exam skills into practice

Independent Learners

Thinking for themselves and taking responsibility for their learning

Asking the “What if…? Question to explore character

Risk-taking and not relying on spoon-feeding

Making sure high challenge lessons are the norm.

Wendy Imperato

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Mary Chapman

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“The best course I have ever been on. The materials were very useful. The course leader was brilliant, approachable and amusing. I can actually go back to school with a lot of useful and usable ideas and resources.”

Teacher , Brunts Academy

Great to have some 'take away' strategies that are suitable for all texts and enabling differentiation for all learners.

Teacher , Framingham Earl High School

An absolutely superb course. The trainer, Pamela, was welcoming, gave us fantastic guidance and encouraged us to share without pressure. The content was brilliant, providing active strategies and tasks rather than mere verbal guidance.

Teacher , Clarendon Academy

The strategies presented challenged my perspectives on how to move my more able students on.

Teacher , Little Ilford School

This was an enjoyable and very useful course, with great strategies I can use across key stages immediately.

Teacher , Ryburn Valley High School

Super course. Really useful ideas and materials I can use straightaway.

Teacher , Trent College

Excellent! Loved all the activities! The trainer, Pamela, was fabulous - very knowledgeable.

Teacher , St Teresa's School