Behaviour for Learning


Getting children hooked back into learning
About this course

Why are children disengaged from learning? What do we mean by the performance gap? It is becoming a common occurrence within lessons for children (and sometimes teachers) to become disengaged with learning, ultimately affecting the overall learning performance both within the classroom and the school. As a result, high expectations and aspirations for learning are key to enhancing progress and performance.

Through a wide range of simple and practical teaching and learning strategies you can have an overwhelming effect on the way children learn and how they push themselves to new heights of achievement. Creating curiosity and wonder in the classroom is one of the essential ways we can close the performance gap. Intrigued? Then join me to explore what we can do as teachers to really make a difference.




Course Outcomes:
  • Enable you to meet the diverse needs of children who are disengaged
  • Demonstrate how to infuse different learning experiences in the classroom
  • Explore analogue and digital experiences that will hook children back into learning
  • Provide you with an understanding of why children are disengaged
  • Meet the diverse learning needs of all children with SEN
Course Outline:
What is the Performance Gap?

Addressing what the performance gap really is - why it's there all the time

Meeting the needs of all learners

Hooks into learning

Teachers and children - engaging both in outstanding teaching and learning

Teaching and Learning Strategies

Learning experiences and opportunities for all

Getting the learning climate right - that differentiated approach

Digital and analogue learning in the classroom

Motivational techniques for closing the performance gap

What next?

Collaborating with colleagues

Networking and sharing ideas - getting everyone on board

Planning for future learning

Evaluation, review and planning

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“Course was tailored to meet the needs of delegates in a flexible and engaging way, not simply a 'one size fits all' like some courses. Nina's enthusiasm and passion was evident throughout.”

Teacher , Heolddu Comprehensive School

A well balanced course, looking at the whole person. I got lots of technological strategies that can be used.

Teacher , Newham Sixth Form College

BRILLIANT ! Very informative and wonderful hints and tips to use.

Teacher , Ysgol Dyffryn Aman

Very helpful in establishing some effective ideas for implementation in the classroom. Course was fluid and adapted for the direction that we took it, instead of rigid.

Teacher , Hampton College

Very practical based, extremely helpful for real life situations. Instantly usable and transferable to everyday classroom practice.

Teacher , Pentrehafod School

Really useful strategies and resources were used in this course. Welcome opportunities to discuss issues relevant to my school.

Teacher , Risca Community Comprehensive School

Excellent. Really good trainer, so enthusiastic. Knew reality in schools. Great apps suggestions.

Teacher , St Julian's School