Essential C21st Teaching Skills


Learn to Listen, Articulate and Construct Meaningful Dialogue that Yields Results
About this course

Do you want to improve your leadership skills in the often challenging area of managing people?

Have you been worried when faced with the prospect of having to deliver difficult information to colleagues?

Do you want to improve the quality of communication within your department or team?

Difficult conversations can be extremely challenging both professionally and personally, especially when working in schools can be so collegial.  This course is about reflecting on the different difficult conversations we might face in education and making sure that attendees come away feeling confident when they do face these encounters. 

Course Outcomes:
  • Gain a clear understanding of why these conversations have to happen when managing people
  • Develop the range of skills needed by teachers to be effective communicators
  • Develop your understanding of the challenges of working in a close community
  • Improve your ability to cope with tough situations and be able to respond with confidence
Course Outline:
Working with Colleagues

Can’t we all just get along? Should we be friends with our colleagues?

When things go wrong. Coping with different points of view

What would you do in a range of different scenarios?

Bringing People with you - managing change

Understanding yourself

Developing better communication skills to give you confidence

Giving and receiving better feedback - what really matters

Being a better listener - skills for for more productive conversations

The Do’s and Don’ts of Conversations

Working with the Wider Community

Challenging conversations with parents

Being ready for different encounters - what’s your end goal?

Reflecting on your own strengths & weaknesses

Top Tips to create your own action plan for your own context

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