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Improving language acquisition for EAL and mainstream pupils alike
About this course

Do you struggle to accommodate the needs of EAL pupils whilst also trying to teach native speakers in the mainstream classroom?

Do you worry that time taken in helping EAL pupils is detrimental to native-speakers' progress?

Would you like to know how to teach EAL pupils and native speakers at the same time, in exactly the same way?

This course equips you with the knowledge to enable you to teach non-native and native English speakers the same content, at the same time and in exactly the same way, delivering content and language whilst increasing language ability, subject knowledge and cognition across the whole class.

Course Outcomes:
  • Learn the difference between basic language skills and the academic language students need to perform effectively.
  • Acquire the tools to make your classroom a language-rich environment.
  • Understand how EAL (and mainstream) students' linguistic and cognitive skills can be developed simultaneously.
  • Putting it all together to plan your future path.
Course Outline:
Introduction: The Learner's Perspective

What it's like for an EAL learner in a mainstream classroom?

Basic Interpersonal Communications Skills (BICS). What it is and why it's not enough.

Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALPS). What it is and how to implement it.

The Language-Rich Classroom. Improving Performance Across the Four Skills.

Reading activities: how to improve the experience - and the performance, for both EAL and native speakers.

Speaking: why it's so important in the classroom, and how to implement effective strategies.

Listening: both for gist and specific meaning. Activities to improve both outcomes.

Writing: improving understanding of structure, plus how to practice effective use.

Pick Up the Habits of an EAL Teacher: Tips and Tricks to Enhance Language Acquisition.

How to act like an EAL teacher. How reinforcement becomes second nature.

Making punctuation fun. (Honest!)

Starters and plenaries - vocabulary extension exercises.

Final overview: tying it all together.

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Mary Chapman

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Wonderful, practical ideas! Most workshops on this topic have been so heavily theory-based but don't provide any real, tangible activities to try out. The techniques are easily adapted for both younger and older students of different levels. Thanks for providing both technical and more traditional activity ideas.

Teacher , Institut Montana Zug

Lots of energy, enthusiasm and helpful ideas - thank you.

Director of Studies , Packwood Haugh School

Interesting course, really enjoyed the activities which will definitely be useful in the classroom.

Yr2 Teacher , Packwood Haugh School

A lot of practical ideas were presented that could be useful and adapted to suit Early Years.

Teacher , iCAN Bristish International School

The course was very interesting and will be effective in the classroom. The trainer was determined to reach every participant and brought everything to life.

Teacher , Suankularb Thonburi School

Very hands on and useful practical tips I can easily apply to my teaching context. Nice pace and very relevant and informative.

Teacher , Harrow International School Bangkok

Well paced and a good variety of ideas shared. Good points for reflection.

Teacher , Bangkok Prep