Effective Leadership


Invaluable Lessons for Schools from Elite Sport, Healthcare & Aviation
About this course

  • How do you create and maintain a high-performance environment?
  • How do you inspire people to be even better than they already are?
  • What is your vision, and do you communicate this vision every working day?
  • Why is it so difficult to establish, monitor and evaluate motivational goals that lead to organisational success?

This unique and inspirational course provides evidence of the lessons learnt from elite sport, healthcare & aviation over
the last ten years. Attendees will learn the strategies elite sports coaches, athletes, pilots and surgeons master to make
consistent and clear decisions under pressure. The course will use case studies to describe how your school can learn
from elite sport, healthcare & aviation to improve team dynamics, improve staff communication and minimise errors
through teamwork. Using the latest and current evidence, the course will explore the roles that psychological safety, high
accountability and speaking truth to power can have in creating a high-performance culture and environment.
Course Outcomes:

Your Trainers

Matt Messias

Premiership and FIFA Referee, Headteacher (NZ and UK) Mental Health Coach and International Leadership Trainer, Matt has achieved incredibly positive feedback for his Leadership and Human Performance work for Dragonfly in the UK, Europe and SE Asia.

Jamie Hayes

Director within NHS Wales - Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, an experienced executive coach and medical educator, with expertise in behavioural change, decision making and evidence-based practice.

Course Outcomes:
  • Gain an understanding of the common, transferable leadership qualities and competencies of elite sport, healthcare and aviation
  • Discover how to advance and develop these qualities in your personal leadership practice
  • Understand the importance of human factors in creating a high-performance environment
  • Acquire effective strategies for reaching and exceeding your goals in growing and nurturing your school
  • Develop skills and strategies to lead your school with confidence
Course Outline:
Session 1: Building a Winning Team Culture

Leadership lessons from the world of elite sport, healthcare & aviation

Survive and thrive under pressure; consistent and effective decision-making & developing a high-performance mindset

The impact of human factors and crew resource management in aviation and healthcare

Goal-setting; galvanising a team to succeed and ‘captain-coach’ leadership

Session 2: Lead Yourself Before Leading Others

Improving leaders’ mental health and wellbeing

Consistent leadership at home and work

Maintaining self-discipline, and role modelling professional and ethical behaviour

Prioritising effective time management and creating a high-performance culture

Session 3: Prioritising effective time management and creating a high-performance culture

Mastering communication to manage conflict and having successful challenging conversations

Being accountable, displaying integrity and improving employee engagement

Listening and communicating non-judgmentally

Leading people through change and increasing stakeholder commitment

Session 4: Bringing It All Together. Lessons in Leadership Excellence, a Case Study: The New Zealand All Blacks

How the All Blacks became the most successful team of all time

A leader’s lasting value is measured by succession and turning vision into action: raising up leadership teams with shared purpose and vision

Equipping others to lead more effectively and making change stick

Speak to transform, not merely inform

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