Inspirational Teaching Strategies


Transforming the way students learn, progress and achieve
About this course

Shifting the emphasis of learning towards students becoming more independent and more willing to work harder than their teacher is never going to be easy.  But this course will attempt to aid the process by going through the stages needed to be successful. It will be tailored to your requirements on the day and will be hands-on and interactive.

We will explore the very nature of motivation and how to improve it. We will look at why students learn to be dependent and how we can coax them into taking responsibility for their own learning. The outcome of which will see students self-motivated to progress, achieve and excel.

Course Outcomes:
  • Enable teachers to understand the benefits and barriers to learners becoming independent
  • Offer strategies to increase the independence of students
  • Introduce effective and beneficial ideas for making your students work harder than you
  • Provide a totally hands-on day to allow you to confidently put into practice what has been learned the very next day
Course Outline:
Principles of Independence and Motivation

The benefits of independent learning and strategies

What is motivation?

Why do some of our students lack the motivation to be independent?

Effective strategies for motivating

Getting Students to Take Responsibility for Their Learning

Inspiring students to take responsibility

Learning styles and independent learning

Changing the classroom culture

Dealing with parents who don't understand

Showing Progress

Self and peer assessment strategies that work

Simple and free ICT tools to aid independent learning

Formulating an effective strategy timeline


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“I think this has been one of the most useful, interesting and informative Inset training sessions I have had in over 20 years of teaching. Thank you!”

Head of Department , Prior's Field School

“Excellent - very practical ideas that I will easily integrate into my teaching starting tomorrow. The trainer reminded me why I went into teaching in the first place, thank you so much!”

Teacher , Connaught School for Girls

Excellent course and delivery - it was refreshing to attend a course based on classroom ideas which are easily applicable to a range of subjects! Very sensible and practical - thank you!

Teacher , St Alban's High School For Girls

"This course was excellent. Very useful and relevant resources. Good mix of practical tasks and tasks that related directly to your teaching. Content was made interesting and engaging through excellent delivery by the trainer. 5*"

Director of Curriculum Operations , Meoncross School

"Loved it! Very interactive with fun and a full range of resources. These activities were fun and inspiring. Enjoyed the discussions."

Teacher , Meoncross School

It was certainly an inspiring course and I am convinced I will be using the techniques and ideas in my lessons. I can't wait to see how they pan out.

Teacher , St Albans School

"Good to get actual practical ideas and resources to use rather than just research."

Teacher , Winstanley College