Inspirational Teaching Strategies


Developing Learning Potential Through Creativity
About this course

This course is for Early Years practitioners who want to develop their passion for child centered learning where children will thrive and make progress.  If you firmly believe that early education should hold inquiry, exploration and hands on experiences at its heart this is for you.  Is your vision for your setting that your pupils should be confident and self-motivated who will be ready to access the next stage of their learning?  Join us to explore the delicate balance between child initiated and adult lead learning. 

Course Outcomes:
  • Understanding creativity
  • Develop the imagination of young learners
  • Promoting independence
  • Develop classroom roleplay
  • Clarifying the role of the adult - play leaders or learning leaders?
Course Outline:
Session 1: What is Creativity in the Early Years?

Creativity and fun

Exploring when play becomes learning

Can we plan for creativity?

Creativity versus progress? Making sure our pupils learn

Session 2: Imagination and role play

Planning that maximises imagination

Role play: more than dressing up but seeing the world from a different perspective

Keeping it open – learning opportunities that don’t end with a fizzle

Session 3: Finding the balance – structure versus child freedom of expression

The route map – what destination do you have in mind for your children?

The role of the adult, when to lead and when to watch

Making a difference to tomorrow – a commitment to try something new

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Cherry was wonderful and really engaged all the TAs. They were really buzzing after the training and said they had taken lots of ideas from it.

Assistant Principal , Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

Very hands-on information, easy to understand the topic. Lots of interactive activities.

EY Continuity , Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

It’s very useful for the year group that I work with, refresh and get new ideas. Thank you.

Teaching Assistant , Shrewsbury International School Bangkok

Very hands on. Great place to share ideas between teachers.

Teacher , Ascot International School

Great to tune in to common practice and pick out areas for improvement

EYFS Teacher , St Andrews Samakee

Very motivated and inspirational EYFS Leader. Lots of great ideas and sharing of good practise. Very enthusiastic trainer.

EYFS Leader , Kensington International School