Essential C21st Teaching Skills


Moving Beyond Speaking and Listening
About this course

Do you need to improve not just what, but how your pupils learn?

Do your pupils need to be able to ask and answer questions in much greater depth?

Would you like to improve standards by creating a classroom culture that engages all pupils, across the curriculum?

This course will focus on developing effective questioning from teachers and, just as importantly, highlight how to use pupil responses to accurately assess misconceptions and build on prior learning.  It will explore how to increase the engagement of all pupils and demonstrate ways to improve poor language skills, as well as extending the learning of already articulate pupils. It will show how to apply a range of techniques and activities to encourage a much deeper level of understanding and generate an environment of collaborative learning.

Course Outcomes:
  • Gain greater insight into the importance of talk in the learning process and gain a brief overview of current thinking and research in this area
  • Discover practical ways to improve spoken language skills - and written ones as a result
  • Learn how to develop the quality of questions and answers - by teachers and pupils
  • Take away a range of effective strategies to encourage less engaged pupils
Course Outline:
The Importance of Talk

The role played by talk in learning

Much more than Speaking and Listening

Ideas for developing an outstanding teaching repertoire

Using pupil talk to improve all aspects of assessment

Developing Dialogue

Tools to improve pupil thinking

Improving cooperative learning - how pupils can learn more from each other

Asking better questions and making better use of the responses

Motivating the less engaged

Across the Curriculum

Developing a talking environment to create a language rich environment

Encouraging learners to take risks and add challenge

How a focus on talk can be applied to all subjects and year groups

How to use talk to develop increased independence in learners

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“Very refreshing with useful, practical ideas. A great way to start the term - get enthusiastic about teaching.”

Teacher , Cambridge International School - Moscow

“Julie is a diamond with many facets. Essential information and interactive approach made the two days. Visit us again Julie!”

Teacher , Cambridge International School - Moscow