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About this course

All our workshops are constantly updated to reflect the current - and ever-changing - circumstances in all schools relating to Covid-19
Metacognition is one of the most popular requests we receive for training and we know a great many schools have it as a school improvement priority. This online workshop will offer clarity about what is involved in metacognition, as well as teaching ideas for the classroom that will support pupils in becoming metacognitive. Examples are drawn from both primary and secondary in order to emphasize that this is an issue for all teachers across all phases.
This workshop will:
Define what is and what isn’t involved in metacognition 
Review the evidence base around metacognition and demonstrate why it is so important 
Demonstrate a range of teaching ideas that reveal how to support pupils in becoming metacognitive 
Ensure the ideas are practical, ‘lesson ready’ and of immediate application
All our 3-hour online workshops include: 
  • practical classroom-ready ideas and resources
  • small group size to facilitate interaction and full engagement
  • group/pair work and discussion with the tutor
  • pdf of the course booklet 

Course Outcomes:
  • Give delegates a full understanding, and appreciation of, metacognition
  • Signpost the latest research into metacognition, highlighting particular successes
  • Show how teachers can employ simple-to-understand thinking skills in their lessons
  • Demonstrate how students can employ thinking skills to make long-term gains
  • Share successful strategies for building a metacognition-rich school environment
Course Outline:
Overview of Metacognition

Auto-pilot versus manual thinking

What is metacognition?

Common dangers and bias in the classroom

Metacognition in research

Teaching Strategies

Methods of ‘thinking about thinking’

Utilising metacognition in teaching

High-Mnemonic Teachers

Active thinking in all areas of teaching practice

Student Strategies

Thinking maps

Explaining thinking explicitly

Demonstrating thinking skills

Building metacognition for long term impact

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