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Effective leadership for new and inspiring leaders
About this course

Leading a team - no matter what the size - can be a daunting task. Effective leaders make it seem effortless, and this course will give you the opportunity to develop your skills set to become an effective leader as well as reflect on the type of leader you would like to be. Effective leaders take time to develop their skill set, and carefully consider how to bring about change and improve the quality of provision in their settings.

Over the course, you will clarify your philosophy which guides your actions. This course will draw a line between actions which remain the day-to-day operational aspects of your setting to move forward and develop your provision.  

Course Outcomes:
  • Find out why a vision and core commitment is important and gain practical tips on how to achieve this
  • Gain clarity on how self-evaluation can be used to comprehensively understand the strengths of your setting
  • Understand more fully how your approach to change in your setting will be critical in ensuring its success. This section explores the six steps for effective change management in a practical guide based on up-to-date research of the Education Endowment Fund
  • Discover the nuts and bolts of action planning with different ideas to support you at different stages of the journey
Course Outline:
Session One: Setting Your Why?

Vision - Understanding your own intrinsic motivation and passion for the Early Years and putting it into words

Self-evaluation - how to make it comprehensive and understand your statutory responsibilities

Session Two: Making It Work

The Journey - we will uncover and use the six steps of change management to turn your self-evaluation into practice

Action Planning - how to sensibly reach your goals without demoralising your staff or yourself

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