Inspirational Teaching Strategies


Keeping Learning Personal and Reaching Our Goals
About this course

This course will celebrate the core philosophy of Early Years. By focusing on the Characteristics of Learning we will explore the daily provision in your setting.  We will explore effective continuous provision and planning and investigate how to develop the role of the adult helping to make your setting rich in purposeful talk.

Course Outcomes:
  • Help you review the provision of your setting against good practice
  • Consider opportunities that enable learning
  • Promoting independence, what can a child achieve on their own and where can your help take them?
  • Asking effective questions that promote learning rather than confirming knowledge
  • Sharing our thinking: structured conversation with our students and keeping the dialogue open with our colleagues
Course Outline:
Session 1: Principles of Good EYFS Practice

EYFS right from the start – what does it all mean. Unpicking the myth surrounding good Early Years practise

Characteristics of Learning: what can it look like in my setting?

Effective planning for the characteristics of learning

Session 2: The learning environment

The key to exciting, diverse and innovative planning

Making the most of the unexpected

Unpicking pedagogy that enables the learner

The route map – what destination do you have in mind for your children?

Session 3: The role of the adult

The art of asking the right questions

Shared thinking – understanding the process and tips for making it work

The role of the adult, when to lead and when to watch

Principles into practice – having a go at maximising learning from one simple set of resources

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Course was varied and interesting, relevant to Early Years. New ideas and strategies. Interesting and thought provoking opportunities to link these new ideas into the way that the Early Years runs in our setting. Time to discuss and ask questions also and to question our current practice.

Nursery Teacher , Dolphin School

Enjoyed it very much, very hands on and practical. I found discussion on observations insightful. Thank you!

Reception Teacher , Dolphin School

Good mix of directed and group work. Good pace, friendly and approachable.

Reception Teacher , Dolphin School