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About this course

Looking after staff who have experienced potential trauma, is both morally justified, and if the experience is work-related, legally necessary. This innovative course is based on an original course, created by the military, to support people dealing with extremes of human emotion and experience. It has been adapted and developed by experts at www.dnatrim.com, in collaboration with experienced teaching and non-teaching staff, in order to manage the psychological consequences of potentially traumatic experiences within the education sector. EdTRiM is a credible, pragmatic course, based on science and trauma-informed practice. It offers common-sense strategies and trains and develops EdTRiM Practitioners to support colleagues who have experienced potentially traumatic events within the workplace. It provides a range of resources and an Incident Log Book for immediate use.


Course Delivery & Accreditation

  • 10 interactive lessons of self-directed learning (approximately 8hrs).

  • 25 question multiple-choice course quiz (approximately 15mins).

  • Course accreditation activity and feedback (approximately 20mins).


Course Fees:

£250.00 + VATpp

For bookings email us info@dragonfly-training.co.uk or call 029 20 711787

Course Outcomes:
  • Understand the EdTRiM framework of strategies to manage adverse psychological consequences for staff exposed to potentially traumatic experiences during the course of their work.
  • Train to be an EdTRiM Practitioner, who can support colleagues with the psychological aspects of potentially traumatic experiences.
  • Know how to put trauma awareness and support at a grass roots level.
Course Outline:
The nature of psychological trauma

The characteristics of a potentially traumatic experience.

How staff might respond following a potentially traumatic experience.

The EdTRiM Management Strategies

Understanding how the EdTRiM management strategies allow effective support to staff following a potentially traumatic experience.

Understand the risk factors following a potentially traumatic experience, learn how to conduct an EdTRiM Practitioner Peer Assessment and keep appropriate records.

Wellbeing Resources

A suitable and extensive range of resources is provided, including the ‘Baker’s Dozen’ and ‘Supporting EdTRiM - the First 30 days iCalendar’.

Suggestions for further reading and learning are signposted throughout the course.

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