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Re-think your whole approach to challenging all pupils
About this course

Providing effective Differentiation continues to be a challenge for teachers in schools throughout the world and is often highlighted as an area for improvement in school inspection reports too. It is also true that many suggest it is actually impossible to differentiate effectively for all pupils!  However, by re-thinking what Differentiation really IS and by re-thinking what we DO in the classroom, it becomes possible to differentiate in a way that is both highly effective and sustainable.

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Course Outcomes:
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the role of Differentiation
  • Explore practical approaches to raise challenge and to support all learners
  • Acquire a range of specific strategies to support students with additional learning needs
Course Outline:
DAY ONE Session One: What Do We Really Mean By ‘Differentiation’?

An exploration of the educational philosophy behind so called Differentiation

Consider the impact this has had on teaching and learning across the world

Look at exciting new models of Differentiation

Consider effective Differentiation as a constant and what a teacher does all the time

DAY ONE Session Two: So How Can We Differentiate Effectively?

A look at a range of fully road-tested practical strategies to challenge all learners that have high impact and are low on teacher preparation time

SOLO Taxonomy as a means of Differentiation

Language... a detailed look at the issues of spelling and grammar

Language... creating a language rich environment

DAY ONE Session Three: How Can We Ensure All Learners Are Challenged Appropriately?

Picking apart a number of ideas for maximising challenge and independence for learners

A specific look at additional needs pupils within a mainstream classroom

A short session for EAL and multilingual students

The role of meta-cognition as a technique to stretch learners

DAY TWO Session Four: How Can We Use Formative Assessment to Further Support Differentiation?

A run through practical ideas to assess learning and progress that are quick and easy to use

An examination of the concept of ‘responsive teaching’ as one of the most effective ways of using formative assessment techniques to support Differentiation

The role of feedback and how varying its depth will assist with Differentiation too

Once feedback has taken place, how do we ‘differentiate’ after that

DAY TWO Session Five: How Can We Improve Questioning Skills to Support Differentiation?

A ‘pick and mix’ of ideas to develop questioning skills and improve pupil responses across the ability and age range

Using the Questioning Matrix for embedding Socratic Techniques

Further strategies for EAL students

Further strategies for multilingual students

DAY TWO Session Six: Which ‘Digital Tools’ Might Help Support Differentiation?

An exploration into the digital world to try out some great applications for the 21st Century classroom

Raising engagement and challenge using IT

Stretching and challenging the more able

Differentiation and modern ‘Project Based Learning’

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