Emotional Health


Learn Techniques and Approaches in Order to be Able to Help Young People to Improve Their Emotional wellbeing and Resilience
About this course

Do you want to learn techniques and approaches in order to be able to help young people to improve their emotional wellbeing and resilience?

Do you want to be able to help young people face challenges with confidence and self-belief?

This is an essential course for any member of staff working with young people in schools, whether as a classroom teacher, a member of the support staff or in a coaching role.  With several government agendas now focused on the emotional wellbeing of young people, it is now essential for all adults that work with children to be aware of how they can best build confidence and resilience.  The terms ‘wellbeing’ and ‘resilience’ are frequently used when discussing the difficulties that are faced by young people today; this course offers practical ‘tried-and-tested’ techniques that can be used by adults in any setting to help build self-confidence and effective coping strategies.

Course Outcomes:
  • Increase your understanding of Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools
  • Gain greater confidence in supporting young people experiencing difficulties
  • Develop your skills in helping young people to become more resilient and confident in school, when in a learning environment
  • Discover how to successfully structure learning situations for all young people so that they are non-threatening
Course Outline:
Session 1: Introduction to Mental Health and Wellbeing for Young People

Overview of the current challenges nationally

Thinking errors that young people can make that develop into Mental Health concerns

Empowering young people to make self-managing decisions

Practical strategy – ‘Stress Buckets’

Session 2: Building Confidence and Resilience

What to say, and what not to say when working with young people

Structuring discussions effectively

How to build confidence and resilience by making progress visible

Session 3: Empowerment Strategies

Five basic steps for assessing any Mental Health and Wellbeing based problem

Action planning to identify and cope with stress and anxiety – The 5-Point Scale

Self-management – what happens when I get stressed?

How to empower young people to cope with challenging situations

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“Absolutely fabulous training today by the Dragonfly team. Practical things to do in each area with extra reading. Lovely.”

Teacher , Longfield Academy

Well resourced and signposts for further exploration of key concepts.

Trainee Teacher , Hillview School

Great CPD session.

Teacher , Harris Academy Bermondsey

Lots of food for thought.

Science Teacher , N/A