Essential C21st Teaching Skills


The course that gives you the confidence to teach English effectively
About this course

This day provides an essential refresher course on numerous aspects of English grammar and is packed with tips and tricks to help you learn and teach the fundamental rules of language. The course is crammed with great ideas and resources, and is ideal for teachers who have to cover language classes - plus those who feel under-confident about how the language works: it is also ideal for those who merely wish to brush-up their knowledge. So if you're wondering just why that apostrophe goes where it does, or if you're having trouble sorting your phrasal verbs from your third conditionals, this is the course for you.



Course Outcomes:
  • Equip teachers with the rudiments of English grammar
  • Provide a range of strategies to help improve students' speaking, writing, listening and comprehension skills
  • Present teachers with a vast range of materials that they can use in class the very next day
  • Show how a range of teaching techniques - from Venn diagrams to video producion - can aid language acquisition
  • Demonstrate how IT software and mobile device apps can be used to teach
  • Show how teachers can get their students to create their own teaching materials
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