Essential C21st Teaching Skills


A Pathway to Future-Focussed Success
About this course

Are you focused on the past at the expense of the student’s future work?

Are you frustrated to think that you are marking for your senior managers, parents and inspectors but not your students?

Do you think that your Lesson Observations are simply seen like a box ticking exercise?


This workshop presents a highly effective holistic process that can transform classroom teaching as well as lesson observation.

Course Outcomes:
  • Understand the benefits of feedforward over feedback
  • Use feedforward methodology to improve teachers giving student’s advice
  • Construct a diagnostic assessments that help feedforward
  • Reflect on feedforward strategies for lesson observation
Course Outline:
Feedback Vs feedforward

Issues of student disappointment with feedback

The power of feedforward

A toolkit of ideas to feedforward comments on student work

The student’s role in feedforward

Diagnostic assessments for rapid and sustained progress

Devising diagnostic assessments

Using diagnostic assessments to feedforward

Puzzle marking to encourage feedforward thinking

Praise and rewards mad clear and effective

Feedforward strategies for lesson observation

Lesson observation feedback that can demotivate teachers

Key issues of making lesson observation a positive experience

Feedforward critiques for lesson observation

Microteaching / Mind Sets / Spaced Learning with feedforward

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“Another excellent Dragonfly course. The trainer always provides lots of excellent, practical ideas for a variety of subjects which can be easily implemented straight away”

Caroline Aylmer Sanford - Science Teacher , Millfield Preparatory School