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Making the most of your school statistics and data
About this course

In this course, delegates will use their own and sample data to ensure that they are able to effectively draw out information from raw figures, set appropriate and effective targets, use simple analysis tools to identify trends and make collecting and tracking data a simple procedure for all staff.

The course will cover dealing with data from all phases and stages, and is ideal for Senior Leaders, and those who have a responsibility for collecting and analysing data, such as Curriculum Leaders and Governors. 

Delegates are invited to bring their own (name-protected) data along if they wish. There will be a small element of statistics involved in the course, as well as some spreadsheet use. Delegates are encouraged to bring along laptops, and have working access to Google Drive.

Course Outcomes:
  • Enable delegates to know what steps to take with data
  • Learn how to build goals and targets from data
  • Provide delegates with simple, practical ways to draw out and present information
  • Assist leaders in identifying and planning for trends in information
  • Offer leaders a range of strategies to employ with unhappy data
Course Outline:
Statistics 101

Calculating averages, patterns and trends

Building trends and forecasting results

Analysis of data through funnelled sub-groups

The power of setting goals against

Happy Data

Effective sub-levelling through blind assessment

Working with statutory data

Headline Data - how to present your data effectively

Reporting your data to students, staff, parents and Governors

Unhappy Data

Identifying tipping points

Micro-goals - addressing gaps effectively

Defending unhappy data - pinpointing action steps

Data sampling - matching gut instinct to analysis

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