Essential C21st Teaching Skills


What Does it All Mean in Terms of Day-to-Day Teaching in Real Classrooms?
About this course

Professor Donaldson’s recommendations call for radical changes that might seem daunting to a teacher population having to cope with constant change, but they also provide teachers with the opportunity to build a new curriculum for Wales which is fit for the 21st Century and beyond.

Some of the more daunting implications include:

  • End of Levels
  • End of Key Stages
  • Compulsory E-portfolios
  • Pedagogical Changes
  • Introduction of Progression Steps

This course is designed to assist busy teachers and give them the opportunity to consider what it all really means to them in terms of day-to-day teaching in real classrooms.

The course is designed to offer suggestions and solutions around the things an individual subject teacher can control. So if you are interested in having the opportunity to consider not only the implications of the report, but more importantly what it might mean for your lessons, then this is the course for you!

Course Outcomes:
  • Help you familiarise yourself with the new language and terminology of the report
  • Focus on the main priorities from the report: Four Key Purposes, pedagogy and assessment
  • Demonstrate what lessons look like that embed the Cross Curriculum Responsibilities
  • Offer suggestions about what Achievement Outcomes might look like
Course Outline:
Four Key Purposes

What are they and how they can be achieved?

What they look like in the real classroom by getting straight to best practice

Examples and strategies that can be taken away and used immediately


Everyday lessons and blended learning - what this means in practice

Embedding all the requirements in a proper meaningful way.

Examples and strategies of blended learning made explicitly clear.

Achievement Outcomes

What to assess and how to assess it.

Principles underpinning the new assessment ideas.

E-portfolios and recording Achievement Outcomes. Get it right to start with and save yourself a lot of heartache

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“Brilliant! The Donaldson report outlined clearly and realistically. A clear insight to what is ahead of us.”

Deputy Headteacher , Cefn Saeson Comprehensive School

Steve Garnett was lively, engaging and very enthusiastic. He clearly has used these activities in his teaching previously. They are very practical methods that can be used in a variety of classroom situations to check the quality of learning and help more learners forward.

Head of Science , Corpus Christi High School

Very well structured with some excellent resources and clear strategies

History Teacher , Rhymney Comprehensive School

Excellent course, opportunity to ask questions and discuss. Valuable ideas for the classroom, curriculum and planning.

Deputy Headteacher , St John Lloyd RC School

Great opportunity to identify the key features of the report and how to translate this into straightforward planning, leading to effective delivery and successful futures. Sharing ideas with others was also very valuable.

Teacher , Ysgol Bro Dinefwr

Excellent course, very clear, informative, simple and professionally delivered.

Teacher , Landsker Education

Great opportunity to discuss possible impacts of Donaldson. Very practical and thought provoking and very relevant.

Teacher , West Park Primary