Inspirational Teaching Strategies


Mastering the Curriculum to Meet the Needs of Your Children
About this course

The buzz words of today are challenge, resilience, growth mind set, forward thinking…..  But who prepared us for this? Who equipped us with the skills we use to not survive but thrive. Did anyone teach you time management skills?  How to plan your day? How to work with others in the professional environment?  How old were you when you were taught how to listen, how to attend to another person?

Course Outcomes:
  • Identifying the key skills that every pupil need
  • Keeping it real in the classroom, hands on ideas to use with the children
  • Practical ideas to harness the increased confidence
  • Using questioning to deepen learning
  • Understanding the maths mastery curriculum. What is fluency, problem solving and reasoning
Course Outline:
Session 1: Improving Teacher and Student Questioning Skills

To infinity and beyond – is it just a myth?

Lessons from Toy Story: no limits for our learners

Exploring the world of independent thinkers – developing growth mindset

An educated guess, what skill will our students need to thrive in a world we can hardly imagine

Session 2: Increasing Student Independence and Adding Greater Challenge to Literacy

Achieving Independent thought and working together – how to make it a reality

Choosing one thing and doing it right. Exploring the idea of deeper thinking

Practical ideas for promoting positive talk

Effective speaking and listening strategies to develop comprehension skills

Session 3: Maths and the Mastery Curriculum

What is mastery in the maths curriculum? An understanding of what fluency actually means

Developing problem solving skills in number and counting using numicon and 10s frames

Making a difference to tomorrow – a commitment to try something new

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