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'Come Forth, and Bring with you a Heart that Watches and Receives'
About this course

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  • Do you want to inspire your A Level English Literature students to love the subject and achieve the top grades?
  • Have your lessons got that buzz of creativity and intellectual rigour that inspire a life-long love of literature?
  • Do you want a ready-to-use bank of strategies and resources to give your students the best chance of top-grade success?

 A Level English Literature is a wonderful hybrid of academia and creativity, of analysis and imagination. It is both a facilitating subject for leading universities and, in the words of one student, ‘the best book-club ever’. But the course also comes with a lot of pressure for the teacher: how to keep passion and motivation alive when reading some of the most challenging works of literature in English; how to teach with creativity and flair throughout the course; how to inspire a life-long love of literature that goes beyond the classroom.

This course exudes passion, creativity and flair, under the expert guidance of our inspirational trainer and expert English Literature teacher. You will be inspired and invigorated, and come away with a bank of inspirational teaching strategies, resources, wider reading programmes and revision materials that you can use with your A-Level Literature class the very next day.

‘Come forth, and bring with you a heart that watches and receives’.

All our 3-hour online workshops include: 
  • practical classroom-ready ideas and resources
  • small group size to facilitate interaction and full engagement
  • group/pair work and discussion with the tutor
  • pdf of the course booklet 

Course Outcomes:
  • Focus English Literature teachers on the myriad opportunities to bring awe and wonder into the classroom
  • Share loads of practical strategies and resources for bringing Literature to life in the classroom, in the curriculum and in the world beyond
  • Provide English Literature teachers with ideas and confidence to teach the texts and lessons which students will remember for years to come
Course Outline:
Bringing the Canon to Life

Introducing the English Literary Canon – practical approaches that blow students’ minds

Shakespeare and the invention of the human

Movements and contexts – further reading for breadth and beauty

Example lessons to inspire a love of literature

Inspirational teaching of the text

Approaches to poetry through time – ‘the beauteous forms of things: We murder to dissect’

Approaches to drama in action – an immersive experience to understand method

Approaches to prose in context – illuminating ideas with critical and cultural contexts

Approaches to Critical Theory – how, where and when to introduce into teaching

Getting students to respond with precision, passion and flair

Developing a collective ethos and team mentality to prepare students for academia

How to draw the best ideas from the introverts

How to write imaginative and original interpretations – without bamboozling the examiners

Taking learning beyond the text and into the students’ lives

Wendy Imperato

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Mary Chapman

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“Dave shared lots of useful strategies and took time to answer all our questions - inspirational stuff, thank you!”

Teacher , Oaklands School

“An invaluable experience which has inspired me to be a more effective teacher. Excellent activities to challenge critical thinking”

Teacher , Mayfield School

“Good blend of active sessions and thought-provoking discussion. I feel inspired and there are ideas that I will actually use, which isn't always the case!”

English Coordinator , Parkstone Grammar School