Inspirational Teaching Strategies


Raising Standards Through Engaging Reluctant Learners
About this course

Are your class writing less than they did in Y1?

Are they struggling with content or just don’t know what to write?

Has SPAG overtaken the flow?

Is the ‘editing and improving stage’ like a tug of war?


Answer yes to any of the above and this course is for you!

Working with schools across the country, the same conversations are had in each SLT meeting, classroom and staffroom. How are we ever going to raise standards when children see no purpose to reading or writing?

With multi-media providing children at home with entertainment of all kinds at the touch of a button, day or night, paper and a pencil case or a book to read just do not cut it. Children’s interests, exposure to visual literacy and need to read for purpose has altered dramatically over the last decade. So why do we insist on retaining the age old methods of teaching writing, when looking out on to our classes a sea of glazed expressions meet our gaze? Multiple schemes available may be tried and provide temporary relief. However, it is the conceptual understanding that provides the basis for our course, that we as teachers must grasp. What are we preparing children for? What must they achieve? And most importantly what method will have the most impact?


This event takes a look at the reading and writing process across KS1 and KS2 and through research, where schools can pick up quick fixes, work smarter rather than harder, and plan for inspiration not a process or a product.

Course Outcomes:
  • Analyse current processes
  • Consider engagement and results in various cohorts
  • Identify where current schemes may be altered/improved
  • Learn about inspirational stimuli for various ages/phases
  • Develop a reading/writing culture based on the celebrity writing world
Course Outline:
Session 1: Literacy for Life – What is our goal?

What really works? - research and impact

What’s our starting point?

What’s relevant and what is not?

Motivation for learning

Session 2: Why Write?



Edit and Improve!


Session 3: Why Read?

The power of choice

What does a class of readers look like?

Special Needs and decoding skills

Higher order reading skills

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