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Motivate, inspire and improve SEN learning with amazing teaching tools
About this course

This engaging, practical course will help teachers and learners unlock the potential of iPads and explore how they can be integrated seamlessly into the curriculum as teaching and learning tools to aid learners with SEN. It will also show you how the iPad can develop the individual needs of each SEN learner by addressing their specific needs as well as raising levels of confidence, self-esteem and curriculum standards.

This course will provide you with an extensive toolkit of free and affordable apps that are suitable for teaching learners with SEN and communicate effectively their impact on learning needs. We will also look at a selection of apps that allow learners to communicate clearly and enable you to develop inclusive and differentiated resources.

NOTE: All delegates MUST bring a fully charged iPad along with them

Course Outcomes:
  • Demonstrate how to use an iPad confidently and effectively in supporting SEN
  • Showcase a range of apps to support teaching and learning focusing on cause and effect
  • Identify different apps for different needs from MLD to SpLD as well as autism, behaviour, speech and language
  • Illustrate how to communicate effectively with learners using the iPad
  • Show teachers how they can browse the app store and download apps directly onto the iPad most effectively
  • Assess which apps are most suitable for different learners and which ones aren’t!
Course Outline:
Session 1: Getting to Know My Way Around the iPad

Introduction to the iPad as a learning tool

What the iPad can do for me as a teacher

Apps for learning across the curriculum

Apps and ICT tools for SEN

Session 2: Searching, Playing and Applying the iPad

Discovering different apps for different learners

Testing, trying and playing with different apps for SEN

Using these apps for 1:1 and whole class teaching

Practice and application of apps for learning

Session 3: Developing, Creating and Producing Materials with an iPad

Developing resources using different apps for SEN

Using apps to support AfL

Sharing best practice and exemplar case studies

Review, evaluate and plan for use in your own classroom or school

Wendy Imperato

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Mary Chapman

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“Absolutely brilliant! I started off completely lacking in knowledge in how to use the iPad. I have learnt so much, more than just the basics and such useful information/use of apps to support children in my care. Inspiring!”

Special Needs Tutor , The Hawthorns School

“Brilliant course and thank you Nina for all your support.”

SENCO , The Hawthorns School