Essential C21st Teaching Skills


The totally practical guide to using iPads in the classroom
About this course

This workshop will explore practical ideas on how iPads can facilitate collaboration and foster creativity through personalised learning journeys and workflows and will develop the skills necessary to integrate iPads successfully into lessons and enhance learning outcomes. We will look at how the multi-modal device can help learners access higher order thinking skills, cater to multiple intelligences and create new ways of working, putting the learning right in the students’ hands.


Joe Dale will walk you through how easily iOS devices can be used for creating multimedia content including narrated slideshows, digital audio and moviemaking. You will also have time to plan a set of lessons in small groups integrating the use of iPad apps and showcase your outcomes together. You will have plenty of opportunity to create multimedia content such as animations and screencasts as well as more complex techniques such as greenscreening and appsmashing. We will also be exploring the educational potential of QR codes in the classroom and facilitating formative assessment through interactive exercises and classroom voting.

Course Outcomes:
  • Discover how the iPad marks a change in pedagogy by encouraging creativity, personalisation and learner autonomy
  • See how a range of apps can promote different skills and cater to learning styles producing professional looking resources
  • Pool ideas about the usefulness of different apps via an online bulletin board
Course Outline:
Session 1: Digital storytelling with the iPad

Look at a range of of apps for digital storytelling

Combine images with a voice over, create engaging animations and narrated slideshows, which help to improve oracy and creativity

Session 2: Exploring the potential of QR codes in the classroom

Look at how Quick Responses (QR codes) can transfer website links and text to learner's iPads quickly and easily from an interactive whiteboard or paper worksheed

Explore the potential of creating creating audio QR codes, QR treasure hunts, screencasts and 'talking walls' with augmented reality video clips

Creating and Collaborating with the iPad

Explore creating mulitmedia eBooks

Look at file management issues on the iPad

Explore using collaborative whiteboards

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