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A practical guide to dealing with difficult conversations
About this course

All our workshops are constantly updated to reflect the current - and ever-changing - circumstances in all schools relating to Covid-19


Do you want to ensure that relationships with parents and colleagues are as harmonious as possible?

Would you like to develop strategies for dealing with conflict and awkward situations?

Many of those who work in schools, support and secretarial as well as teaching, will have encountered a difficult situation with a parent or colleague at least once.  Such encounters can escalate to a situation where awkward conversations are avoided, or there is a complete breakdown in communication. This course will show you positive ways to deal with the difficult conversations we all have and deal with breakdowns in communication.


All our 3-hour online workshops include: 
  • practical classroom-ready ideas and resources
  • small group size to facilitate interaction and full engagement
  • group/pair work and discussion with the tutor
  • pdf of the course booklet 

Course Outcomes:
  • An insight into parents’ perspectives: what frustrates parents and makes them “difficult”
  • Improved skills when dealing with potentially ugly situations
  • Effective preparation for difficult meetings with parents
  • The ability to handle unexpected encounters
  • Increased awareness of the legal issues involved in schools
Course Outline:
Parents’ Perspectives

Why do parents become frustrated? Understanding parents’ perspectives

Communication issues and breakdown

Effective language and listening skills

Conflict and Anger

Why Anger builds up

How to spot potential problems to avoid 'conflict' or 'anger'

How to manage when life becomes ugly

Case studies: some real life situations

Difficult Meetings

Preparing for difficult meetings to try and get what you want

Keeping calm and being in control

Know how to cope with unexpected encounters

Some Legal Issues that you really need to know

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“Well structured with plenty of opportunities for interaction. The time did fly by and even though the content was not all new for me, it was genuinely nice to take the time to revisit the topic and reflect on practices. Thank you.”

Head of Department , Independent Secondary School

Thoroughly enjoyed the day, it was informative but also encouraged me to self evaluate myself in regard to conversations which will lead to better interactions.

Inclusion Teacher , LEA

"The length and content of each section was absolutely perfect: informative and not at all patronising!"

Office Manager , Preparatory School

"Brilliant - Tom is engaging, uses real-life relatable examples and offers practical & easy solutions to problems we may encounter."

Head of Professional Learning , Preparatory School

"Nice chatty, assertive style. Good pace. Addressed issues well for our context. Some more role-play/ examples of actual situations might have been good."

Deputy Headteacher , The Hall School

"Tom was fabulous! Humorous, informative and engaging! He made me feel confident to handle difficult parents."

CPD Coordinator , Secondary School

"Excellent content and delivery. Brilliant to be able to share experiences/ strategies with others."

Teacher , Independent School