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Thinking about thinking
About this course


This course will explore one of the most cited beneficial forms of impact in teaching, based on Educational Research - that of teaching students how to think. It will provide a theoretical structure behind metacognition, followed by lots of practical advice on how to embed metacognition in your lessons. It will also introduce for many the concept of High Mnemonic Teachers - those who actively teach memory skills.


Delegates will gain a full understanding of metacognition, how to teach the essential ‘thinking’ skills both as a teacher and for their students. It is designed for Head Teachers, senior leaders in charge of Teaching and Learning and practitioners with a keen interest in this exciting growth area of pedagogy.



Course Outcomes:
  • Give delegates a full understanding, and appreciation of, metacognition
  • Signpost the latest research into metacognition, highlighting particular successes
  • Show how teachers can employ simple-to-understand thinking skills in their lessons
  • Demonstrate how students can employ thinking skills to make long-term gains
  • Share successful strategies for building a metacognition-rich school environment
Course Outline:
Overview of Metacognition

Auto-pilot versus manual thinking

What is metacognition?

Common dangers and bias in the classroom

Metacognition in research

Teaching Strategies

Methods of ‘thinking about thinking’

Utilising metacognition in teaching

High-Mnemonic Teachers

Active thinking in all areas of teaching practice

Student Strategies

Thinking maps

Explaining thinking explicitly

Demonstrating thinking skills

Building metacognition for long term impact

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“Good! Did not feel like I was sat down at a power point all day because of the different tasks set. The tasks were relevant and practical.”

Deputy Headteacher , Ysgol Bro Helyg

Great ideas for lessons, lots of interactive games - loved trying things out and thinking about ways to use them in my own classroom.

MFL Trainee Teacher , Stockton SCITT

Very enthusiastic trainer who made the day a fun experience. Lots of helpful resources and ideas to use in the classroom.

Teacher , Ysgol Bro Helyg

The trainer was very engaging and kept our attention throughout the course. I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of the day. Thank you very much.

N/A , Ysgol Bro Helyg

Really useful, informative and credible training which will springboard our pedagogical reflection process. Thank you to Mark for the day.

Headteacher , St Mowden's

The training today has been really useful and provided some tweaks that can be made to current policies to ensure that the best is extracted from every child.

Deputy Headteacher , Redrook Hayes Primary School

This training provided a great opportunity for teachers to discuss their practice, share ideas and evaluate current practice. I have come away with a better understanding of the overall direction our school is going in.

Teacher , St Mowden's