Inspirational Teaching Strategies


Creating the ‘X Factor’ Through Students Doing the Work Themselves!
About this course

Would you like to create a dynamic, active learning environment where all students are both engaged and extended?

Do you want to develop resilient students who work equally well independently or collaboratively?

Has an inspection team ever commented that the teachers, rather than your students, are doing most of the work in lessons?


The lessons that have that ‘X factor’ are ones in which the students are not passive classroom passengers but are active learners, motivated to work independently or collaboratively and extend themselves as far as they can. This course shows you how this can be achieved.

Course Outcomes:
  • Discover ways to prevent your students from becoming passengers in lessons
  • Learn how to set up lessons where the students work a lot harder than they have done before!
  • Receive practical, down-to-earth advice, tips and teaching techniques that have been proven to work
  • Gain a fuller understanding of how buzz words, jargon and excuses for underachievement, hinder rather than help the profession
Course Outline:
Building Blocks

'Setting up’ a lesson – rules, routines and rituals that really work

New ideas for old favourites – lets not reinvent the wheel

Making it stick – with proof! – global evidence actually utilised

On-going revision and constant reinforcement

Fully Engaged: A Practical Guide

Student-set success criteria that are explicit but not restrictive

Creating a climate for learning: what can we do to help and what we shouldn’t

No passengers allowed

The best questioning techniques….ever

Tips, Tricks and Techniques

The fail-safe lesson template that really works

Enriching your curriculum with flair, creativity and yes…content

The very best practice in AfL

Creating effective learning habits that learners can keep for the rest of their lives

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“A really fast-paced and activity-filled day. Definitely one of the most useful courses I have been on in 15 years of teaching! Steve has a lovely manner and the activities will be immediately applicable - thank you!”

Teacher , Clifton High School

Steve is highly engaging and clearly passionate about education. The resources he provided us with were outstanding. I will certainly be using them to improve my future learning and teaching.

Head of Year , Stanwell School

Again a superb course from Dragonfly. Lots of practical ideas that can be used from tomorrow in the classroom with very little prep.

Head of Department , Howell's School (GDST)

A really helpful course which I worked through with an example of a topic / lesson I'm going to teach tomorrow. I'm not sure which of the many great ideas I've learnt today to try on the class tomorrow ... whichever it is, I feel really excited to try them all. What a brilliant day - so great to have time to focus and reflect on different ways to approach our wonderful subjects. Thank you so much!

Head of Department , Oxford High School for Girls (GDST)

Very engaging with lots of great lesson ideas. It was great to try out activities and discuss with colleagues. Also good recommendations by Francis on the use of different apps and resources.

Teacher , North Beckton Primary School

Without a doubt one of the best practical courses I have attended for a very long time. Thank you.

Head of Learning Enrichment , Northwood College

Excellent content and delivery. Helpful, engaging and fun. Loads of 'stuff' I can use from KS 3-5.

English Teacher , Wimbledon High School