Inspirational Teaching Strategies


A Toolkit for Early Years and Primary School Teachers
About this course

It can be said that “the most unlovable child is the child who needs the most love” – a statement which will ring true to most early years and primary school teachers, who often find themselves in the position of having to teach some children who seem unable or unwilling to learn.  The most important adult in a child’s life is typically his or her parent, the second most important is usually that child’s teacher.  Children will spend 30 hours per week under the care of their primary school teacher – how can a teacher manage to give appropriate time to all their charges, when there are those children who seem to have an insatiable need for constant negative attention?

This workshop is designed to provide with teachers with tools to support those children who are most demanding, without the need for punitive ‘behaviour management’ approaches which can leave both the children and the teacher feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

This practical two-day training will give participants the opportunity to experience, role-play and talk through play therapy techniques which will empower teachers to welcome children and their difficulties and provide a safe and happier classroom experience for all.


Course Outcomes:
  • Develop and enhance your understanding of Play Therapy theory and practice
  • Work through practical Play Therapy techniques and tools
  • Understand the importance of play and why it is vital to children’s healthy development
  • Gain clarity on how play therapy supports children with learning, emotional and behavioural issues
  • Aquire simple and effective strategies for improving the relationship between child and teacher
  • Without the need for punitive ‘behaviour management’ approaches, understand how to immediately implement practical strategies to support classroom management and work with disaffected, hurting and disruptive children
Course Outline:
Day 1 Session 1: Introducing play therapy

The symbolic use of toys

What is play therapy?

The play therapy toolkit

Introducing The Axline Principles

Day 1 Session 2: Why is infancy so important?

The development of the brain and why this impacts the children in your classroom.

Attachment Theory

How to identify children with attachment issues

Why teachers matter so much

Day 1 Session 3: Play therapy in action

The importance of play

Stages of play

“Work”, “directed play” or “free play”

Play therapy demonstration

Day 2 Session 1: What do I do when the student….

Reflective listening

How to let a child know you are on their team

Focusing on the child

Practice session

Day 2 Session 2: Focusing on the child

Setting limits without sacrificing the relationship

Choice giving

Implementing ACT

Practice session

Day 2 Session 3: Tips, tricks and extra bits

Looking at the school day

Praising the right way

Relaxation techniques

Bringing it all together

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