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Mastering the curriculum to meet the needs of your children
About this course

This course is for teachers who are searching for the big picture in mathematics.  If you are a teacher who wants to understand how to structure your teaching so as to make the crucial links in your lessons, to deepen the educational experience of your pupils in mathematics, look no further!  Mathematics is often taught in discrete chunks so sometimes lessons can feel like a merry go round with separate aims in mind.  This course brings together a set of key skills which make visible the key learning required to access even the most simple concepts and ideas.

Packed with practical ideas and activities participants must bring along a willingness to have a go and walk the talk.  This is a hands –on and practical course.  Common classroom practice may be challenged and the easy to access ideas can be used in the classroom the very next day.  The course materials will support and enhance the delivery of a scheme of work and empower the planning of standalone lessons.




Course Outcomes:
  • Make sense of maths teaching to/for young learners
  • Decipher the expectations: what your class really needs to learn
  • Develop key mathematical skills: tools for teaching the basics, better
  • Keep it simple – say goodbye to work sheets and get them loving their mathematics.
  • Check in – the sensible guide to establishing if the children have made progress?
Course Outline:
Session 1: What do the children need to know?

Understanding why mathematics is key

The balance between first-hand experience and recording

What do we need to record and how?

What recording is appropriate

Session 2: Breaking it down and making the links

Examine progression in place value

Finding the links between key skills to make learning effective

Teach the foundations the children need

Even more practical ideas to use in the classroom that really work

Session 3: Let’s try something new

Planning the route map through learning to make sure we have progression

Practical ideas to maximise the impact of group work

Key questions to promote thinking and doing

Making a difference to tomorrow – a commitment to try something new

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