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Enabling leaders, teachers and learners to achieve their full potential
About this course

Does your school have an area or a department that isn’t achieving it’s potential? Have their results or achievement been persistently less than expected? This workshop offers an objective, supportive and constructive way of auditing and supporting underperforming departments, helping them to work more effectively and be more successful as a result.

Highly experienced teacher, former headteacher and leadership coach, Michael Harpham, takes you through the process from identification and diagnosis of issues related to teaching, learning or leadership to the implementation and evaluation of support. Full of clear guidance to identify and implement rapid improvement, this is an essential workshop for all school leaders who need additional support to enable all their leaders, teachers and learners to achieve and reach their full potential.

Course Outcomes:
  • Practical strategies to audit and support underperformance
  • Practical strategies to support rapid improvement in teaching, learning and assessment
  • A comprehensive structure to help implement those strategies
  • Easy-to-use templates for course delegates to take away and use in their own schools
Course Outline:
Auditing the department

Identifying the department’s strengths, areas for development and potential in teaching, learning and leadership

Clarify issues & potential solutions

Understanding the difference between informal and formal support

Getting to a deeper understanding of the issues and possible solutions to address those issues in teaching, learning and leadership

Supporting the department & evaluating success

Implementing informal & formal support over time for teaching, learning and leadership

The importance of monitoring and tracking, evidence and evaluation

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