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The course that gives you the confidence to teach English effectively
About this course

With more and more EAL students involved in mainstream education, many teachers are finding themselves confronting a familiar dilemma.


Run the class at the usual pace, and EAL students can miss out on vital information that is essential to their understanding of the subject/lesson. Making sure EAL students have understood, however - and waiting while some feed back answers in often slow and faltering English - can hold up the lesson, causing restlessness amongst native speakers. To add to this, learners can find their confidence undermined as they struggle to make themselves understood under scrutiny, whilst picking up on the impatience of classmates.


While there is certainly no quick fix to this problem, there are proven strategies that will help you improve your EAL pupils' language acquisition levels; not just to their benefit but to that of the whole class. What’s more, these strategies will also help develop the cognitive skills of EAL and mainstream learners, leading to better outcomes for both groups; a win-win for all parties - yourself included.


The overall aim of this CPD course is to give you the confidence you need to teach English effectively in your classroom. By focusing on the skills and strategies to achieve these outcomes, you will be provided with a range of activities that can be implemented into your classroom the very next day. You will also leave with a comprehensive understanding of the theory to back it all up, enabling you to plan your path ahead.


This course is ideal for teachers looking to implement these initiatives individually and for those looking to take ideas and theories back to introduce them across the whole school.

Course Outcomes:
  • Explore the differences between social and the academic language students need to perform effectively.
  • Give you the tools to make your classroom a language-rich environment.
  • Show how EAL students' linguistic and cognitive skills can be developed simultaneously.
  • Provide activities that you can take away and use immediately.
  • Demonstrate how the course strategies will benefit mainstream pupils.
  • Provide you with the theory so you can put it all together and plan your future path.
Course Outline:
Introduction: The Learner's Perspective

What it's like for an EAL learner in a mainstream classroom?

Basic Interpersonal Communications Skills (BICS). What it is and why it's not enough.

Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALPS). What it is and how to implement it.

The Language-Rich Classroom. Improving Performance Across the Four Skills.

Reading activities: how to improve the experience - and the performance, for both EAL and native speakers.

Speaking: why it's so important in the classroom, and how to implement effective strategies.

Listening: both for gist and specific meaning. Activities to improve both outcomes.

Writing: improving understanding of structure, plus how to practice effective use.

Pick Up the Habits of an EAL Teacher: Tips and Tricks to Enhance Language Acquisition.

How to act like an EAL teacher. How reinforcement becomes second nature.

Making punctuation fun. (Honest!)

Starters and plenaries - vocabulary extension exercises.

Final overview: tying it all together.

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