Inspirational Teaching Strategies


Developing questioning skills, effective feedback, student independence and ensuring greater challenge
About this course

The ‘big four’ (questioning, feedback, independence and challenge) are the mainstay of outstanding quality teaching and learning the world over. As a result, all of the strategies demonstrated in this training day have been tried and tested in many schools to great effect. The techniques shared on this day are designed to have maximum effect from minimum teacher input and many are easily applicable to the widest range of subject areas and age groups. Sustained improvements in the quality of teaching and, subsequently, student progress over time are at the heart of this course.


In addition to the ‘big four’, the day will also involve many examples of integrating new technology, literacy and numeracy across the whole curriculum. ‘The Big Four’ is a MUST for all leaders of teaching and learning and middle leaders wanting new ideas for inspiring their teams and for raising the quality of teaching in their departments. It is even applicable to NQTs wanting to gain a greater insight into the ‘mystical world’ of “outstanding” teaching.


Course Outcomes:
  • Develop the use of higher order questioning skills (for both staff and students)
  • Ensure students make greater progress over time by developing effective feedback techniques in all subjects
  • Raise attainment through increasing challenge in lessons
  • Improve students’ ability to work independently by enabling teachers to increase opportunities for independent learning
  • Help to secure outstanding teaching and learning in your school through an overall improvement in these four key areas of teaching
Course Outline:
20 Ways of Improving Teacher and Student Questioning Skills

Strategies for improving the quality of teacher questions

Techniques for improving the number and quality of student questions

Socratic questioning techniques

Questioning and new technology

20 Ways of Developing Effective Feedback to Ensure Improved ‘Progress Over Time’

Developing feedback dialogues

Effective use of lesson time to enhance teacher feedback opportunities

Strategies for improving peer and self-assessment

Feedback and new technology

20 Ways of Increasing Student Independence and Adding Greater Challenge to Lessons

Ways of supporting students in ‘learning how to learn’

Using thinking skills to improve independence and challenge

The ‘flipped classroom’

Twitter and student independence

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“Bethany was energetic, pragmatic and enthusiastic. She produced a large brochure full of good ideas. Nice mixture of presentation and hands on tasks. Very informative and I will go away with lots of good ideas to try!”

Helen Thomas - Head of MFL , Cowbridge Comprehensive School

“Very useful, with a range of strategies that can be used tomorrow to teach all subjects at all levels. A very good pace to ensure we got as much out of our time as possible.”

Cat Moss , Hundred of Hoo School

“Very informative with enthusiasm and humour. Lots of ideas to use in classes across the primary phases.”

Anne Ross - Assistant Principal , SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary Academy

“Practical demonstration, enthusiastic delivery, well resourced and well pitched for our needs.”

Jenny Byrne - Principal , SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary Academy

The time fly by because the session was interactive and teaching us how to use the techniques. Everything covered was very useful and enjoyable.

Jeni Boyns , Hundred of Hoo School

Lots of interesting and useful ideas and strategies that I am excited to try. The trainer made the course fun.

Annah West , Spring Gardens Primary School

First day back of term and all expectations have been blown away by such a brilliant presenter. The trainer made it fun, inspirational and knowledgeable. I have used/ delivered some of these things when I deliver ELO program but today brought everything together in a very powerful way

Katy Wankowicz- Deputy Headteacher , Spring Gardens Primary School