Emotional Health


How to reduce student anxiety and build confidence in the classroom
About this course

In the UK, students in our schools are 10 per cent more likely to have higher anxiety levels than the general population, with 30 per cent of those at secondary school reporting that they have experienced high anxiety. Schools are subsequently having to work with an increasing number of children with a range of mental health problems.

  • Do you feel sufficiently able to cope with the increasing number of children experiencing mental health challenges in the classroom?
  • Are your students sufficiently resilient to be able to learn effectively?
  • Do you know how to reduce anxiety and encourage students to value high levels of challenge?

In addition to examining issues of classroom provision for students that experience mental health challenges, this course will explore practical approaches to meet their needs in any classroom setting.

Delegates will leave the course with a host of new ideas that they can use the next day, designed to lower student anxiety and build resilience.

Course Outcomes:
  • Develop an understanding of how to promote positive mental health in the classroom
  • Receive a cutting-edge synthesis of what works and what doesn't in real classrooms
  • Acquire a range of teaching strategies that reduce student stress and build confidence
  • Find out how to plan effectively to promote resilience and confidence
Course Outline:
Session 1: What is Child and Adolescent Mental Health?

What is ‘normal’ child and adolescent behaviour?

Addressing mental health ‘myths’

What can increase/decrease the possibility of mental health difficulties developing in children?

How do we know if a child is experiencing poor mental health?

Session 2: Why do Children Become Anxious?

Identifying the causes of anxiety

Identifying the thought processes that anxious children go through

A student-based problem-solving approach to reduce stress and anxiety

Easy to apply strategies to use to reduce staff and student stress and anxiety

Session 3: Lesson Planning to Reduce Anxiety and Promote Engagement and Confidence

How to plan lessons that increase student resilience and confidence

How positive mental health in the classroom links to Growth Mindset and student progress

Core messages to send to students to increase confidence

A range of practical teaching activities that reduce student anxiety and promote engagement and confidence

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“Andrew is an expert on this topic and has vast knowledge of student mental health. I learnt a lot - thank you for being so generous with sharing your resources and materials!”

Teacher , Brummana High School

“Excellent & very informative - a lot of good ideas to take back to school - not only for students, but for the care of the staff as well.”

Teacher , Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

“Andrew is brilliant! So experienced, with excellent ideas and resources and a willingness to go 'off piste' to answer specific questions and differentiate support. Lots of useful 'take-away' resources and practical ideas I can immediately use in school - Awesome!”

Head of Year , Redmaids' School

“Andrew was very knowledgable and gave me so many ideas for classroom activities and strategies. I will also enjoy the further suggested reading. One of the most useful INSET courses I have ever had - thank you!”

Teacher , Aberdare Community School

“An excellent course which provided exceptional ideas: I now have a greater understanding of mental health to be able to take back to my school.”

Head of Year , Treorchy Comprehensive School

Outstanding course. Really enjoyed it and found it very interesting. Really liked the Powerball technique.

Teacher , Hillside Secure Centre

Never had a bad course from Dragonfly - our go-to provider for quality Inset. This course was no exception. Highly recommended. The venue makes all the difference - treating my staff like professionals.

Head Teacher , Hillside Secure Centre

Great to have first-hand knowledge, strategies and tips from a practising teacher.

Teacher , Ysgol Glantaf