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Engaging and Inspiring the students who should do better
About this course

Do you have a 'Missing Middle' of students who lack the motivation, self-regulation and resilience to achieve their full potential?

Does a that’ll do attitude to work and study stop some of your students from maximising examination success?

We all love to teach self-motivated, self-regulating students who thrive on knowledge and thirst for learning, but what do we do with the others? How do we engage the apathetic, inspire the laissez-faire prevent our 'Missing Middle’ from skewing the whole-school exam-performance?

This practical course focuses on strategies for adapting the behaviours and aptitudes which hold students back, with engaging classroom routines and activities, to ways of planning, assessing and rewarding students. Teachers are armed with our ‘Challenge Toolkit’, specifically designed for challenging the 'Missing Middle' students and measurably improving resilience, motivation, learning habits, performance and achievement.

This course is about more than behavioural management: it’s about enabling teachers to engage and inspire a key group in every school, whose performance (or lack thereof) can make-or-break a school’s annual success cycle. Just imagine what that success would look like if your 'Missing Middle' students shared the drive, ambition and thirst for success that the self-motivated readily exhibit.

Course Outcomes:
  • Enhance your ability to counter performance anxiety, and to motivate the disengaged
  • Provide you with a range of proven approaches, strategies and activities to ensure maximum challenge and engagement in lessons
  • Give you the confidence to lead developments within school to address the problem of the ‘Missing Middle’.
  • Support your achievement agenda with whole-school strategies to maximise exam performance.
Course Outline:
Finding the ‘Missing Middle’

Performance anxiety, laissez-faire or downright lazy, examining why some students go ‘Missing’ and the steps we can take to motivate them

Building resilience, self-regulation and the study habits of the successful across the spectrum

Engaging the disengaged

The Challenge Toolkit

Routines, strategies and activities that immediately engage every student

Maximising Results

Planning for maximum performance by removing barriers to success

Promoting achievement in the ‘Missing Middle’

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“Today was highly inspiring. It has given us a lot of activities and strategies on how to get the best out of these pupils. It was an outstanding INSET.”

Director of Teaching and Learning , Marlborough College, England

Excellent delivery and participation, lots of practical advice- very, very welcome.

Head of Department, , Marlborough College

Fantastic, engaging trainer. Great ideas that can be easily applied to my lessons

Teacher , Marlborough College

Superb! The best INSET course I have ever been on. Interactive, dynamic and useful!

Teacher , Marlborough College