Emotional Health


From the internationally-acclaimed Dr Kiran Nijabat
About this course

  • Would you like to help to reduce stress within yourself and the classroom?
  • Do you want strategies to take back to the classroom to create a calm, yet productive environment?
  • Do you want to create a more effective work-life balance for yourself?


If so, then this course is exactly what you need.


The teacher wellbeing index survey 2018 revealed that 67% of educational professionals describe themselves as stressed, many of them exhibiting dangerously high levels of stress. Psychiatrist Dr Nijabat and life coach Henrietta Szovati have developed a world-exclusive, interactive course especially designed specifically to boost teachers’ wellness and reduce stress at work and home.

Course Outcomes:
  • It’s your brain - understand stress and how to manage it
  • Understand specific stressors for teachers in the workplace and at home
  • What is resilience? Debunk the myths and learn the medical truth
  • Build resilience in yourself and your family
  • The ability to create a better work life balance
Course Outline:
Session 1: The brain and stress

How does the brain and body respond to stressors?

Mental wellbeing and mental ill health – understand the differences

The limbic system, neuroplasticity and its impact on wellbeing

The process of emotional regulation for a heightened sense of wellbeing

Session 2: Stress in teachers

What are the specific devices that cause stress in teachers?

How do teachers cope with stress – and how can they do this better?

The medically sound guide to how to build resilience in oneself

The medically sound guide on how to build resilience in one’s relationships

Session 3: Practical interventions

Mindfulness strategies

Live coaching in groups and one to one

Activities to manage stress

Developing a new mindset for contentment, happiness and wellbeing

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