Essential C21st Teaching Skills


Equip yourselves with exactly what the present inspectorate want with simple, easy to implement ideas to increase attainment AND enjoyment.
About this course

  • Are you interested in adding more stretch, challenge and creativity to your classes in KS2
  • Do you want ideas and pedagogy that can be utilised the very next day in a classroom with next to no cost in terms of time or money? 
  • Do you want your staff to actually participate in a training day that they will actually enjoy?
  • Delivered by our very own MD Steve Chapman - who was awarded Sector Leading Practice by ESTYN for his work in Literacy and Creative Writing in KS2. 

This course is a must for any school that wants to add flair, creativity, academic challenge and sophistication to their language and literacy work in KS2. The whole day is 100% practical from start to finish and has been described by thousands of teachers as not only incredibly informative but also great fun. The whole day is about giving staff in KS2 simple, yet highly effective strategies, that really make a difference, and that they can use the very next day.  

The course has been designed and is delivered by our MD, Steve Chapman, and is the culmination of his 26 years of teaching and training all over the world. For those of you who haven’t seen him in action, he’s an inspirational teacher who still teaches in KS2 to this day, and was awarded ‘Sector Leading Practice’ by the Welsh Inspectorate for his work in Literacy and Creative Writing at Evenlode Primary School.  

This course comes with a simple guarantee. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay.  

Course Outcomes:
  • Proven strategies to improve vocabulary, literacy and writing
  • Adding creativity, flair and sophistication to pupils work, certainly NOT the ‘same old - same as’
  • A specialist section on creative writing that was given Wales’ highest possible award
  • An inspiring hands-on day that staff will actually enjoy
Course Outline:
Session 1 - Creating increased challenge through improved vocabulary

Creating a language-rich environment - in reality, not theory

Creating improved vocabulary and understanding through reinforcement from multiple angles

Get them on task, so the feedback can begin

Session 2 - If you want to encourage creativity - you have to teach creatively!

Extending their verbal skills as well as their written skills

Making the very most out of a picture

Back to extending vocabulary and increasing the challenge

A whole new look at spelling, the author’s sector-leading practice based upon international research

Session 3 - Creative and extended writing

Getting quick, easy and simple starts. Don’t spend ages planning - get them writing and start to feedback

Tricks of the trade that real writers use to add depth, detail and that maturity to their writing

Simple yet highly effective ideas to extend writing in both a creative and non-creative genre

Giving confidence and security to both staff and pupils

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