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25 November 2020 - 16:00 to 19:00 (ICT) 

 $185 USD or $150 USD Early Bird Offer (Book before 11 November)


  • Do you want to find out what the most effective TAs really do?

  • Do you want to enhance your approaches to supporting pupils with Literacy and Numeracy issues?

  • Do you want to attend a course full of realistic and practical ideas to help you do this?


The Teaching Assistant (TA) or Learning Support Assistant (LSA) can be a highly-valued asset in the classroom. The key though is to identify what are and what aren’t the best value interventions the TA can make. This course will offer practical, lesson-ready strategies to support you in improving the learning and progress of the pupils you support.

Whilst this course will focus on work with mainstream pupils there will be a clear reference to EAL and SEN Pupils too


Course Outline:

Setting the context

Describe what we know an effective TA does and does not do

Identify the barriers to Literacy and Numeracy some pupils face

Outline the best strategies to improve Literacy and Numeracy


Literacy Interventions

Focus on the 3 core aspects of Literacy (reading, writing and oracy)

Support with writing - spellings, Language for Learning, extending writing

Support with reading - various ways of reading

Support with oracy - building more confident speakers


Numeracy Interventions

Focus on the 3 core aspects of Numeracy (data, measuring and number)

Strategies to support number work

Strategies to support measuring work

Strategies to support data work


All our 3-hour online workshops include: 


  • practical classroom-ready ideas and resources showing how to embed the strategies being shared when supporting pupils 

  • small group size to facilitate interaction and full engagement and make it fun too

  • group/pair work and discussion with the tutor

  • pdf of the course booklet 


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