Essential C21st Teaching Skills


Unlock the Potential of Teaching Assistants in a post global pandemic classroom
About this course


We now have a better, research-informed idea of how best to deploy TAs most effectively and this course will draw from this evidence

  • Unlocking the potential of TAs and HLTAs is one of the most significant acts any school
  • leader can do to improve children’s attainment. The recent pandemic has caused many
  • schools to rethink their use of additional adults in the classroom. Social distancing, safety
  • measures and smaller class sizes have made it crucial to upskill all people working with
  • children to improve staff well-being and educational outcomes.


This modular course enables Teaching Assistants to become confident and expert practitioners that enables them to deliver lessons, work alongside other practitioners and make an enhanced contribution to your school. The programme will also provide an excellent pre-initial teacher training programme for Teaching Assistants who would like to gain full QTS with eQualitas Teacher Training.

The course is split into 8 x 120 minute modules that guide the assistant through the pedagogy of delivering best practice lessons. A combination of theory, practical tips and support will allow them to gain in confidence and effectiveness when delivering interventions, group work or whole class teaching; across all age groups and subjects throughout the school.

Each session is limited to 20, to ensure maximum participation and quality. Modules can be booked individually or the entire course can be booked for £725.

For bookings and more dates please email us at

Dates available: 

The modules run twice on the following dates: Morning Session 9am-12pm/ Afternoon session 1pm-4pm

Module 1 -1st September, 2nd October

Module 2 - 11th September, 16th October

Module 3 - 25th September, 30th October

Module 4 - 9th October, 13th November

Module 5 - 23rd October, 27th November

Module 6 - 6th November, 4th November

Module 7 - 20th November, 11th November

Module 8 - 4th December, 18th November


Modules include:


  • Module 1: Classroom Management Price: £95 (if booked in July or August – usual price £110)

The initial module will support teaching assistants in organising time, materials, and classroom space providing strategies for managing individual and classroom behaviours, transitions and other arrangements for classrooms in general. Learn how to make effective use of your environment to support independent learning and have calm, engaging and productive lessons.


  • Module 2: Planning and Preparation Price: £95 (if booked in July or August – usual price £110)

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” An organised and effective Teaching Assistant will always be able to deliver a high-quality lesson. Planning is critical and underpins effective teaching, playing an important role in shaping children’s understanding and progression.


  • Module 3: Inclusive Teaching and Understanding of SEN Price: £95 (if booked in July or August – usual price £110)

This module will enable you to develop a classroom environment where the needs of all pupils are carefully considered. You will deepen your understanding of a wide range of special educational needs, understand how best to offer practical support and remove barriers to learning so that all pupils can be successful.


  • Module 4: Lesson Delivery and Engagement Price: £95 (if booked in July or August – usual price £110)

Using theory and good practice will enable you to understand how to deliver lessons that are engaging, active and collaborative. We will explore transferrable, practical teaching strategies to give you confidence when teaching all subjects and all age groups. One of the most critical aspects is to see learning through the eyes of the novice. Too often adults can become a victim of the “Curse of the Expert’.


  • Module 5: Assessment for Learning Price: £95 (if booked in July or August – usual price £110)

We will explore proven methods of formative assessment in the classroom to enable you to create a classroom culture based on learning from mistakes, taking risks and acting on feedback. There will be a huge range of practical strategies for you to take away and ensure that you can use assessment tools that are manageable, meaningful and motivating. Taking on a mentality where you are continually ‘responding and adjusting’ your teaching in light of responses from pupils will mean you are able to get at the heart of effective formative assessment practice


  • Module 6: Developing Questioning Price: £95 (if booked in July or August – usual price £110)

"Good learning starts with questions, not answers". Using effective questioning enables you to check learners’ understanding, encourages engagement and focuses pupils’ thinking on key concepts and ideas. We will consider the impact of different styles of questioning and how best to incorporate them in your lessons to develop thinking and dialogue skills. There will be opportunities to reflect on and analyse what you currently do and identify specific ways of developing questioning to enhance pupils’ learning. You will understand how to differentiate your questions and see how a well-placed question can reveal the true extent of learning


  • Module 7: Developing Effective Plenaries Price: £95 (if booked in July or August – usual price £110)

Learn new ways to draw together the whole class. summarise and take stock of learning, consolidate and extend the learning and direct pupils to the next phase of learning. This module will provide you with practical activities and examples of good practice to enhance your teaching.


  • Module 8: Marking and Feedback Price: £95 (if booked in July or August – usual price £110)

Effective marking and feedback builds self-confidence, self-motivation and self-reliance.  It provides opportunities to close the gap between current and desired performance. Learn how to give evaluative and descriptive feedback that is focussed and diagnostic that will enable children to make accelerated progress. Learn how ‘live’ marking that is given ‘in the moment’ can be a powerful nudge to deepen pupils’ understanding. Learn to ensure an evidence trail is kept to record this dialogue.



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